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Adults Trade Nightmares for the Unpleasant

For some reason, being sick throws your nightly schedules off, so I haven’t been diligent about my Day Journal highlights (which feels like doing brain stretches before the exercise of dreaming). I’m sure I don’t NEED an apple, before apple … Continue reading

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I Was Awaken INTO a Nightmare

So I haven’t blogged since January 26th, but I’ve had some “activity” worth mentioning. I was super stoked about my seemingly close NILD (Nap Induced Lucid Dream) variation of a WILD, and although I started this week off swearing I … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight… wait, no

I just had a better W.I.L.D. (wake initiated lucid dream) attempt on my lunch break than in the 2-3 hour long “chamber” attempts at night. After a quick trip to Burger-King (promotional tie-in), I decided to skip the drink and … Continue reading

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Eric Wareheim and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I got a good 8-9 hours of sleep last night, and hoped that’d help boost my REM period near the end, unfortunately it did not and I just woke up more than half a dozen times. I struggled to remember … Continue reading

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Just a Regular Sleep Over…

Tried a WILD between 7pm and 9pm. So close, yet so far. If I don’t experience something more interesting than fuzzy limbs and minor lights created by the backs of my eyelids this weekend, I’m quitting WILDs. At least after … Continue reading

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When I sleep in my bed, my mind does not THINK to concentrate on anything BUT sleeping. Go figure. So it’s back to regular sleeping and the Dream Journal, until Friday night again. Last night’s dreams were all forgotten, due … Continue reading

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WILD Update

Don’t try this just before going to bed — oh, and don’t try this with a chocolate bar, half a caffeine pill, AND vitamin B12… (geez, typing that makes me realize just how stupid and reckless I am with all … Continue reading

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