Welcome to the Oneironeer!

Welcome to the Oneironeer Blog: In Which a Once Lucid Dreamer Chronicles the Efforts to Control His Dreams

Mission Statement: To regain the ability to lucid dream and bring back as much from Dreamtime as I possibly can, including stories, music, archetypes, visuals and more.

First, the name.

Oneiro (oh-nigh-row) = Dream, + “-neer”. We are all pioneers of our own dreamscapes.

Why start yet another blog, when rumor has it social networks are killing the experience?

Well, for starters, I don’t believe that. There’s just some things you’d rather tell strangers. I mean, we have to deal with friends, family, and co-workers every day, and this IS a DREAM blog. I promise, things will get embarrassing, strange, and sometimes downright disturbing, so I’d rather not have my boss offering me psychoanalytical advice the next day.

I wish I could say the purpose of this blog was strictly selfish. These are, after all, MY DREAMS. However, CARL G. JUNG mentions the collective unconscious, and our society’s progress towards self-awareness and our eventual return to that primordial place where nightmares, imagination and dreams comes from. So maybe we can learn some things together. Give me recommendations, see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Now, a brief history. In my adolescence, I was a fervent lucid dreamer. I could create worlds, people, scenarios, defeat boogie-men, and yes, fly. But somewhere in my teens and young adulthood, I lost the ability to harness my dreams. Daily life distracted me and while I wasn’t paying attention, adulthood stole this gift from me.

This will journal my musings, day-dreams, idea-space, nightmares and dreams, both past and present (and I’ve had sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, shared dreaming, false awakenings, and much more), in order to strengthen them.

Also, I will post any songs or melodies that are presented to me in my dreams which I can recall upon awakening.

Give me your thoughts, links, suggestions, and we’ll all collectively approach the hidden world of the unconscious.

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