The Night Before…

Had a cold which seems to have really chewed up most of my dream content, poor sleep as a result.

Not so sure I reached REM last night, guess mixing Delsym, Nyquil aaaaand melatonin wasn’t such a good idea. The night before, however, I got better sleep and took a caffeine pill before bedtime… and this was my dream.

Bank Robbers & Fillet Mignon

I dreamt that while my wife and I were driving around, I spotted a wide but very short RV behind us, with it’s 3-4 passengers all wearing clear, plastic masks.

I thought they might be bank robbers, so we followed them to a restaurant, where we all proceeded to sit down and order a meal.

I tried to pay attention to conversation, to see if the people (whose masks were now removed) mentioned anything suspicious.

The waitress brought us out filet mignon, cut into blocks and stacked neatly on my wife’s plate, but on the table cloth for me. Apparently this was the custom at this restaurant, but I took offense.

I broke into a parody of Robert DeNiro, “You wan me ta eat it off the #&@-damn table? What, like I’m a friggin’ animal or somethin’??”

The waitress was terrified, despite my joking demeanor, and she apologized. I couldn’t tell if my wife was amused or embarrassed, but I continued…

“Margi must have -some- cleaning staff, if she thinks people’re gonna eat off the tables.”

I wasn’t -truly- angry, I just wanted to stand up for myself a little, but in a silly way. I wasn’t gonna eat off the table.

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