My First Lucid Dream

I’ve decided that cold medicine and melatonin are not beneficial for dreaming, even if you add a caffeine pill (hey, I’ve read if you can get to sleep, it stimulates the mind). Well, I slept for 5 solid hours, woke up at the ideal time to start REM sleep with 1 hour interval interruptions to record dreams — but instead I literally laid there for 2 hours.

I want to regain lucid dreaming, but it seems at first I’ll have to regain my ability to even have vivid, memorable dreams. A problem I didn’t have as a kid, when I was in bed by 9pm and up by 5-6am. Also not a problem when I worked at nights. Once I got my 8am-5pm job, I’m a zombie both in the daytime and at night.

Speaking of zombie-like, I’ll reach back for today’s post, to the first time I can recall achieving lucidity.

Slow Horror in the Woods

I dreamt I was bicycling through the shady woods in the afternoon, when I saw behind some rocks two faceless, hairless and naked sloth-like humanoids, slowly lifting themselves up to look for the sound my bicycle made riding through the clearing. I could tell they couldn’t catch up with me on my bike, so I wasn’t too worried, though I was on guard.

"The slow horrors were creeping over their rocks and dunes towards me..."

As I was turning away to push through the woods faster, I saw many more of these creatures, all behind rocks and small dunes in the forest. Despite their slowness, I decided I best be getting out of there, but then I realized I was bicycling through sugar sand… patches of very fine sand that my tires dug deeper into the harder I pedaled. Trudging forward, I took a panicked look around me, to see the slow horrors were creeping over their rocks and dunes towards me.

I pushed and pushed, but I was barely moving, and they were surrounding me. Their almost melted, featureless bodies, circling. My mind couldn’t bare the thought of them touching me, and so I screamed and shook my head frantically, somehow knowing that this would wake me up.

And it did. I recognized the dream for what it was, and forced myself to awaken from it.

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