Anticlimatic, But a Start

I’ve been experimenting with music playlists, bin aural beats, and soothing audio suggestions, as I fall asleep.

While playing these, I often fall asleep, wake up long enough to remove my headphones, fall asleep again, wake up within 4-5 hours, fall back to sleep and experience muddled, forgotten dreams.

But last night I dreamt I was in a swirling dark mass, no solidity surrounding me, and I thought, “This is a dream… I can control this…,” but there was ‘nothing’ for me to control and I wasn’t quite up to the challenge of creating an entire milieu, and so I drifted out of the dream.

Not much, but it’s a start.

I woke up with terrible tension in my neck and shoulders and a splitting headache. I thought it might’ve been due to these experiments, but I believe it was actually a food allergy. The headache lasted 4 hours.

I risked making it worse by evoking sleep/dreams again through this process, but after the hour-long playlist, my headache was completely gone!

If I achieve lucidity AND can rid myself of my chronic headaches in this journey, I will be stunned.

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