Jared Lee Loughner and “ConSCIENCE Dreaming”

The recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona and inevitable 24-hour news coverage and Monday morning psychoanalysis of a young, mentally ill man, has shown some very sad and dark sides to the imperfect, human condition.

Mud-slinging and the inevitable backlash of defensiveness will likely drag the topic of Lucid Dreaming into the public and political foray.

After tragic events, people always seem to want to scapegoat, explain away or justify the ingredients of mental illness. This book + that musician + some poor parenting for good measure = such-and-such a monster. Such is almost NEVER the actual case… but it’s a clean and tidy way to brush our collective fears under the rug, and be done with them.

Here is a person who claimed on his YouTube profile that Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Ayn Rand’s We the Living, and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto were amongst his favorite books (despite all three having rather differing ideologies), and likened sleepwalking to what HE called “conscience dreaming”. Not only does sleepwalking NOT go hand-in-hand with conSCIOUS dreaming (or lucid dreaming), but he both misspells and defines the terms inaccurately.

This is clearly an ill mind, filled with contradictions and psychosis. Delusional fantasies and conspiracy theories monopolize his waking life.

As one rational article put it, “Conscious dreaming is not the point, and not the culprit. Loughner may or may not have fashioned some version of a bizarre personal quest based on his understanding of conscious dreaming or the law of gravity or photosynthesis — who knows?” — The American Thinker Blog

His own understanding. In a way, both our conscious and unconscious minds edit what we do and do not want to see or believe, and when someone has a very murky and troubled mind, that perception is going to distort much of what they hold to be true. From most descriptions, Loughner suffered from the difficulty of perceiving the differences between his waking life and the dreaming.

In a very literal way, “LUCID” or clear and vivid is perhaps the perfect antithesis to the mind of this individual.

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