Sisters and Moving Vehicles

I dreamt there was a big pool party, with my wife and her sister, and two other girls who were sisters and various boyfriends and people. I don’t remember anyone really in bathing suits, nor do I remember the pool itself, it was mostly just understood.

It was so packed in the garage and drive-way, I found myself (ala the Mentos mint commercial) trying to get across the garage by jumping in and out of the backs of cars, but one of the sisters was in the drivers seat, and she started driving away with me in the back.

She refused to turn back and let me out before going where she had to be, nor would she even pull over to let me walk back. When I joked about at least slowing down so I could jump out, she drove on the opposite side of the road and slowed down, expecting me to roll out into the ditch.

I refused, and instead I opened the back door and slowly let my heels drag on the pavement, holding onto the door and car with my hands. Letting go, I “slid” on my feet down the road for a little bit until I came to a safe stop.

It was pretty death-defying and some neighbors were impressed, and they stopped us to ask how and why I’d do something like that (my subconscious was probably trying to give me hints, “This is a dream, genius,” but my Ego wasn’t hearing it) and I explained about the party and needing to go back there.

The sister with the car was no longer the same girl, she was now a black girl. She MIGHT have been morphing into yet another set of sisters I know, though upon returning to the house, I don’t recall thinking that the two of them were ever there.

Despite jumping from a moving vehicle, I still felt the need to defend my coolness by bragging about the success of my music online versus some foreign artists on the internet to one of the boyfriends at the party. “They’re in a developing land, so they want success so bad they can TASTE it, and me, I’m just a lazy, laid back American, and I STILL beat them!”, I joked to the boyfriend.

Then, in a possibly seperate dream, I dreamt I had a website company called, “Some Stupid Guy.”

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