Apples and Day Journals

Having recently joined DreamViews, I got some good ideas for increasing Dream Activity and Dream Recall, so I tried them out.

Apples are high in a certain kind of antioxidant that stimulates the brain and increases Dream Activity, so having an apple before bed, waking up after about 4-5 hours, having some apple juice, and going back to bed thinking about dreaming, is likely to boost your dreams vividness and frequency.

Additionally, keeping a day journal gets the brain geared towards remembering your dreams. Just the highlights of your day, recapped at the end.

Unfortunately, I also drank a lot of water before bed with some aspirin, due to a headache I was getting, and I was up all night, and didn’t get to bed until late to begin with.

HOWEVER; I still had a LOT of dreams. But they were fast and interrupted, like someone was flipping the channels on a TV, and when it finally stopped, it was a work-related dream and the mundane quality was such that I didn’t really question the dream world, so I didn’t achieve lucidity.

Tonight! No headache, no extra water, bed on time!

Flipping Thru the Dream Channels

We all dream almost every night, so to say I had plenty of dreams last night is incredibly obvious. However, it was that I woke up frequently throughout the night with the knowledge that I had JUST been dreaming. Most were forgotten, and they kept coming and they kept being forgotten. One involved a pickup truck that had stalled in the middle of the night, in the woods. The people tried using their CB radio to get help, but the dream was interrupted. Another involved time-travel in mundane circumstances, but it was interrupted.

So what “channel” did my dreaming mind STOP on, and let me remember?

I’m at work, in a nearly exact replica of my workplace. A new person was there and sucking up to the boss. My co-workers and I scoffed behind his back. The dream shifted to a dream location of the offices, and my boss asked me to make a graphical alteration to a sheet of white paper. Remove a number from a small square.

My computer in the dream, however, was rather interesting. The monitor was attached, like a dentist’s light, to a pivoting arm with handles on both sides. Through the monitor, I saw video of what was immediately on the other side of the monitor, “seeing through the monitor” so to speak. Computer applications were “in” the room, and I was looking for Photoshop, so I could scan and manipulate the image I was told to change.

Finally, I gave up, “We don’t HAVE Photoshop on any of these computers,” to which my boss replied, “I don’t care, get it done.” This infuriated me, but I bit my tongue. I looked at the white sheet, and realized all I needed to do was use some white-out to erase the number from the paper. I was even more upset that I didn’t need Photoshop after all.

I woke up, moved to the living room couch, and remembered a musical melody, a sort of Divine Comedy/Burt Bacharach sounding tune, so I sang it into my voice recorder and got ready… for work.

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