Shooting for Superman, I Get His Writer in Rehab…

Well, the Apples didn’t blow me away last night. However, I did definitely dream. Ate an apple before bed. I used the “WBTB” (wake, back to bed) method, waking up 5 hours after I went to bed, I drank some apple juice, went back to bed and listened to some binural beats for lucid dreaming.

I concentrated on my goal-dream, which starts in a city. It’s a spin on Superman, and appears in a comic book written by Alan Moore, Miracleman. Essentially, since I know my first lucid dream will be hard to maintain, I just want to tear a dream city apart.

So I focused and focused, “I’m dreaming of a city, I’m dreaming of a city…”, but when I wake up, I was rather amused and disappointed.

Alan Moore and Alan Moore in Rehab

I dreamt that I was in my grandmother’s house, but it was supposed to be some form of a rehabilitation center. Writer Alan Moore, in both a “young” incarnation (about 40’s) and an old incarnation (60’s?) were submitting the older version in. In my dream there was a difference between the two men, the older version was supposed to be an older comic creator, while the younger was more “definitively” Alan Moore, but they looked rather identical.

At a point, the younger one was becoming angry that the older was reduced to this, and was trying to convince him to leave, but I stepped in and had to reprimand Alan Moore (bwa-ha-ha!).

So there it is, instead of having a huge, power-fantasy blow out, I get the writer into rehab.


Comic Writer, Extraordinare

I reprimanded this guy? Bwa-ha-ha!

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