Lucidity Achieved (Mostly)

The binaural beats haven’t seemed to be doing much except keeping me awake (I’ve fallen asleep as many times as I’ve just laid there annoyed at every itch, noise, and movement for 40-60mins), and so when I heard eating apples or drinking apple juice just before bed might help, I was skeptical to say the least.

It’s not that the “dream waves” might not being doing something, it’s just that I’ve been trying so hard just to REMEMBER my dreams, let alone gain control over them, that each small gain or failure is rather disappointing.

So when I had a very brief, muddled dream only sort of influenced by my dream goal (see last post), I was doubting that the dream aids work.

But I had two dreams last night, a false awakening, AND achieved brief lucidity!

It was almost deva vu too, as it involved an old friend I’ve yet to mention in this blog yet, Freddy Krueger.

But first…


I dreamt my wife and I were walking in what was a swampy/woodsy back road in the middle of the day, and Jeff Bridges in full TRUE GRIT costume was riding a horse in front of us. A young girl walked alongside of him, but she was a few years younger than the character in the movie.

We followed behind, as he rode down suburban, Floridian roads similar to my old neighborhood (which always seemed to be in a strange state of development). Culdesacs and empty lots, puddles collecting yesterday’s rain in sunken pot-hole filled streets, as the sun shone. Soon Jeff Bridges was attaching a crowd, and I turned to my wife and whispered, “See? You should’ve brought your Tron poster!”

We all arrived at something like a Tire Kingdom or Firestone, at which point a couple of little girls in western period clothes walked up to me and asked, “What’s the name of your book?”

I replied, “True Romance.”

The dream shifted to inside of the building, where a glass wall and door separated the lobby from the manager’s office, where Bridges laid down to rest on some chairs. Suddenly, a wire-y guy that reminded me a little of Peter Lorre was inside the room with him, and locked the doors. Everyone in the lobby was instantly worried for Bridges, but the wall had sound-proofed them inside, as customers tried breaking open the door but Bridges kept sleeping.

The wire-y man was terrified, so he ran out a backdoor, which led to a hallway with two restrooms. He opened the men’s room door, looked around, found nothing to aid him, and he ran down the hall, out an exit door, back into another entrance, which led him right back into the room with Bridges. This panicky circle ran it’s course a couple times, and the dream ended with no closure.

I woke up at roughly 4:00a.m., and recorded my dream, had some apple juice, and went back to bed.

My wife woke up around 7:00a.m., waking me up. I knew I only had a little more time to sleep, and this is what happened…

Friends and Freddy

I dreamt a dozen friends were all playing frisbee in a large yard, but the yard was FILLED with dog crap. At one point someone threw the frisbee at me and I wasn’t expecting it, so I went to block my face and instantly caught the frisbee. I was shocked I came away looking cool, rather than an idiot, but as I threw it back I lamented over how much crap was in this yard.

So we moved the game to a small park, but the game was now going to be kickball. I saw a guy trying to ride a giant avocado and I thought, “I hope we’re not using that for the ball.”

Several friends got up against a fence and I stood next to my wife. She looked over at a girl next to her that was on her phone typing. She turned to me and said out loud, “You should see this girl’s Facebook status, what a dope.” The girl looked up, gap-jawed, and I said, “Apologize to her right now!”

She apologized, but then turned to the person on her other side and started talking about the girl again. Then I heard it. The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET theme…

It was strange, cause it was the middle of the day, and I thought maybe it was someone’s ringtone. The girl looked excited about hearing it, as was I.

Then the dream shifted. My wife and I were in a dark room, and a television was in the wall. It was supposed to be the introduction to NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, but it was cartoony and silly. My wife left the room to get something, and I walked across the room and became surprised when I suddenly felt a little afraid.

Those movies don’t scare me anymore, and that actually saddens me, so I was happy when I felt a twinge of fear. I sat down on what was a couch, but was now a bed to watch, but the dream shifted again…

I was laying in my bed, with a huge white comforter on me. I was so comfortable, but when I tried moving, everything had after images. I looked my hand as a Dream Check.

Sure enough, I had 6 fingers.

I was so excited, “Alright! Okay, we gotta form a city and I gotta…” and it dawned on me that the eerie theme song was still playing. I KNEW if I got those covers off, Freddy was going to be standing in the corner of the room. That didn’t frighten me, but I could tell I didn’t have enough will power to deal with him, as I didn’t even have enough power to pull the blasted covers off of myself!

I didn’t want to freak out, cause I knew I’d either shift the dream or wake up, so I tried to remain calm.

But then I shuddered, and felt a throbbing in my neck in the waking world. I was awaken in my own bed.


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