Lucid and Flying


I achieved lucidity last night, this time in a fully formed environment, while I was active and very much aware.

Two nights ago I created an hour long mp3 of silence, followed by a half hour of Theta and Beta binuaral beats, with a slowed down, quiet sample of the NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET theme, since it triggered my last lucid dream.

Unfortunately, it just woke me up at the start of the beats. So I researched Isochronic Tones (similar theory), and “ramped down” from the higher brain frequencies you’d be having while first laying down at night, and slowly reduced them to a dream-state brain frequency of mid-Theta.

I also had the file on loop, so after it brought me all the way down, it then jumped back to the relaxed but active brain frequencies of lower Beta. I had an apple, apple juice, and played a maze game, all just before bed. As well, I quickly wrote down the day’s highlights. I took had a melatonin.


I dreamed that I was in my apartment, and my boss was there making sure I was doing some extra work from home. A friend of mine came over, and my boss left. I remember thinking, “I hope they don’t think I’m just gonna slack off now and that’s why they left.”

I told my friend I’d be right with him, and when I came back, he had turned all the lights out and left. Again I was confused, “What the heck? I was gone for just a few seconds!” As I walked across the apartment in the dark, I felt a tinge of fear. When I opened my apartment door, the rush of wind, the vivid and colorful night, in addition to a peppy older lady standing outside my door, all converged upon my brain to form the instant realization (no Reality Check required), “This is a dream.”

The lady was VERY chatty and annoying. I extended my hand for her to hold it, she graciously accepted, and I spun and threw her into the night sky, screaming as she flew! The full moon was out, and the sky shone with a dark blue hue. Bushes and trees were a gorgeous green against the blacks and blues. I started walking in the direction I tossed the lady (though she went well into the horizon), and thought, “Okay, let’s do this.”

I lifted off the ground, but started floating back down. “Uh uh, that ain’t happening.” I jumped and started flying a good 15 feet or so into the air. It was very breezy, and the wind threatened to push me back down.

I approached a busy street, with trucks and cars driving by. On the other side was the back of a mansion’s stone balcony, where mostly women were having some kind of dinner party. They were a good 10 feet higher up than I was flying, and I started to worry, “I need to get higher, or a semi-truck night drive by and hit me.”

At that the wind pushed down on me, and gravity was pulling, but I fought it. I didn’t want to lose control of the dream, but it got harder to hold on, and I shuddered…

I woke up and my wife had just adjusted her position in bed, probably having awakened me.

I got up, recorded the dream, and suddenly was WIDE awake. I took another melatonin and went back to bed, not remembering any of my other dreams from that night.

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