Randomness, strung together backwards…

I woke up, couldn’t remember anything, and suddenly, “A movie theater…”

It was strange, like pulling at a thread and watching my memories unravel. So… backwards then.

Movie Theaters, Bookended

I woke up at about 3:00 a.m., only remembering that I was in a movie theater. Oh wait, I was watching the manager being propositioned by a man who had a film canister, trying to get a film shown in the theater. It seemed an independent film company had made a strange, experimental FANTASIA type film, with indie artists all covering various Michael Jackson songs, with each song given a music video that connected to the last. (Never mind that Every Breath You Take by The Police was stuck in my head at the time.)

Before that, my parents were watching said MJ film on the television, in a house they had just had re-renovated. It seems we all lived there years ago. I was asked to climb the large tree outback, to flip a power-breaker which was hidden in a branch. In the years since living in this fictional home, the tenants had turned it into a recording studio, and when my parents re-renovated they tore the wood paneling off the walls (which, as a recording musician, really upset me).

During the move back into the place, some people had helped us, and just before they left, they took a picture of the place. The construction company who helped work on the home was named after a waking world company I know of, but in the dream there was no connection. In fact, as I said in the dream, “I used to clean for this company…”

And moving backwards STILL, it appears that this company was under some kind of government scrutiny and was involved in some shady business, which was established in my first dream which took place in the city, where spotlights were after someone.

The irony here being, my dream goal is to be lucid in a city. How did it devolve into all that?!

The “bookend” was the last dream I remember from the night. I was watching a STAR WARS prequel film on a giant movie screen. When someone bad mouthed the film, someone else asked ME to defend it. I conceded, “No, it’s kind of a lousy film really…” and explained why.

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