No Apple, No Day Journal, Few Dreams

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating an apple before bed, and writing the highlights of my day fast and sloppy in a day journal, and even playing a few brain games, and I’ve been remembering much more dreams.

Last night I had a splitting headache, so I skipped the journal and games, and only drank some apple juice.

The result was, I dreamed, but they were vague and mostly forgotten.


First off, the creepy… Michael Jackson is alive… in my dreams. Two MJ related dreams, two nights in a row. This time it was a lame comedy skit called, “We Are the People Who Knew Michael Jackson”. I didn’t record the music for it when I woke up…

The only other dream I remember was a disturbing traffic dream. Driving around town, there was a dead, human, body on the side of the road. Because it was “just” some black, homeless guy, nobody was bothering to even move it off the road, let alone find out who he was.

Then, driving past it again, there was a white male either having a seizure next to the dead body, or going through death rattles from having been hit by a car.

After I drove to my mother’s house, I lamented how upsetting it was.u

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