Not so Epic FAIL

Okay, last night was incredibly frustrating, as I had 8 & 1/2 hours I could’ve slept, but instead lied in bed, the couch, and the bed again, for hours. Sleep Suggestion MP3 got me to calm down, and then noises and movement just got me WIDE awake (and with great anger).

After taking a large melatonin (no longer caring a lick about dreaming, just wanting sleep), and washing it down with hot milk, I felt it’s warmness wash over me and I had two lousy dreams…

Working on Getting LOST

I had another work related dream. These are getting old, I have to spend 40 hours of my week there, I DON’T wanna waste my Dream Life there too.

Dreamed one boss was letting me do something the owner/manager didn’t want me to do. I was in a motorcycle outfit and had a helmet.

Then I dreamed my wife and I were at a party. I had to leave early, while my wife stayed behind. So I took a tricycle…

I stopped at a store that had, among other things a section for ventriloquist dummy parts. I was fascinated. An older, hefty man who had apparently just been at the party I was at joked, “I’m gonna make you late for where ever you need to be,” (implying I was following him).

I left and tricycled to another store window which sold hand-made musical instruments. They all looked like crap, so I kept riding around, and started to realize I was lost. It made me so mad, because I knew I had barely even gotten a fourth a mile from the party. So I texted my wife, “I’m lost, come pick me up!”

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