W.I.L.D. (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming)

My fail yesterday was so colossal (though I should be content I could remember my dream and that it had some moments worth remembering), so frustrating (getting lost on a tricycle when I could be flying!), that I got impatient and decided to jump right to what’s considered “the holy grail” for lucid dreamers.

Imagine being able to “trick” your body into giving you a lucid dream “on command”. I’ve read peoples experiences with lucid dreaming, and some are frequent posters at sites such as Dream Views are only claiming 3 Lucid Dreams to their credit. I’ve had that many just since I’ve re-started at the beginning of this month (and I’ve flown!).

So, apparently I’m impatient. It’ll probably get me into trouble regarding all this. I should tread lightly.

What W.I.L.D. is Not

WILD is a form of dream inducement. At first, I wasn’t even going to consider it, due to peoples using terms like “Out of Body Experience” and “Astral Projection”. You see, A: I am an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiver), which puts me squarely in the Rational family of Personality Types. I *prefer* when things make logical sense. and B: I have a belief system that does not have room for such things.

Then I would read up on the WILD technique and see that people are saying one thing, and meaning another. If Buddhist monks a thousand years ago performed what was in fact technically WILD, they would THINK they were leaving their bodies for real, in some spiritual sense (and who am I to tell them what to believe — I just know what *I* believe).

HOWEVER; I have had False Awakenings where I got up out of the bed I had just fallen asleep in, walked into other rooms, when in fact my body was really asleep in that same bed I had just “left” within a DREAM. And that’s the key, people. It’s A DREAM. (special note: I did not say that it is “ONLY a dream”, but that they are in fact brain signals/symbols sent from the subconscious, and not literally “out of body experiences”)

The Science Behind It

Your eyes move rapidly all day long. Blinking, twitching, up-down, left-right. When you lie down at night to go to bed, your brain feels the “rest request”. It may receive contradicting information from your eyes if they are still moving all about.

“Nope, they’re still awake,” the brain says. Once your eyes stay fixed, the brain sends out a test signal, and this is usually when you might roll over.

“Nope, they’re still awake,” the brain says. Once your eyes are fixed, and the brain sends another movement signal (ie. Must roll over again, or Prop your arms behind your head!), and you do NOT respond by moving, it believes you. It then starts sending signals to your body to “shut down” for the night. “Sleep Paralysis” sounds terrifying, but if the body didn’t do this, we’d all be Sleep Walking, Sleep Driving, Sleep Eating, Sleep Murdering, etc., etc.

By the time your body has shut all the way down, you’ve typically fallen asleep. The mind has either gone completely blank, or your waking thoughts turned into nonsense and that nonsense turned into your first dream of the night.

What is W.I.L.D. and My Experience

That doesn’t sound right at all. Well, here’s how it works. You make sure each time the brain sends those signals, you “tell it” you’re asleep. Do NOT roll over (that doesn’t sound right either). Do NOT move your eyes inside your eyelids. Lie perfectly still, and once you’ve got that heavy feeling in your limbs, wiggle your toe ever so slightly… like a snake’s in your sleeping-bag slightly. Your brain says, “Hey, you’re asleep, you must need this body shut down,” and it numbs you. But you’ll have to slowly do this all over, and this whole process can take an hour or it can take hourssss….

I, unfortunately, wasn’t aware of the don’t move your eyes rule, and I gave my brain some mixed messages. I was still as can be, kept my brain JUST inactive enough (and yet active, yeah… “Keep your distance Chewie but don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance.”

And *I* didn’t know about the slight twitch trick. So at one point my left leg twitched and I didn’t notice… and my brain sent the paralysis signal to it, and it vibrates. Vibrations, I was warned about… But I would respond by getting excited and moving my eyes around.

When you’re THIS CLOSE to being asleep, you literally can start to hear and see your dreams “off in the distance”, as it were. So noises, vibrations… it can all be pretty distracting. I heard a voice say, “Ehh?” At one point, I got my whole body zapped, and was super excited. After laying for two hours my brain realized I was trying to trick it!

I couldn’t help it, I kept moving my eyes because I thought… ::sigh:: I thought R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) should be “induced”. So after the brain watched me responding half-arsed to it’s signals IT ZAPPED ME LIKE A MAAMA-JAAMA! Out of no where, my entire body SEIZED up! It was like I was at the top of a roller-coaster and started the plunge. After I read about all the science and logic behind this technique, I could hear my brain saying, “Gotcha!”

After that, my not-so-scientific “earplugs” (my earLOBES… don’t ask) started easing out, and once I tried it without my ears plugged, I was too distracted by my upstairs neighbors waking up.

So I’m going to try again tonight, with REAL earplugs, and in the meantime I present to you some of the better YouTube videos on this subject… just ignore the “Out of Body Experience” stuff, ::rolls eyes::

As far as I can tell, this video STARTED as Part 1 of a series, and became the ONLY Part…

Now just pretend THIS Part 2 (the Part 1 of which I can’t find for the life of me) is the next part of the previous series.

These continue at Lucidology. And if you want more on the subject, there’s always Wikipedia, Lucidpedia, and Dream Views WILD Forum.

My Official "Wake Initiated Lucid Dream Chamber"

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