WILD Update

Don’t try this just before going to bed — oh, and don’t try this with a chocolate bar, half a caffeine pill, AND vitamin B12… (geez, typing that makes me realize just how stupid and reckless I am with all this).

We do enter REM at various intervals throughout the night (I had an incredibly vivid Lucid Dream only 1 hour & 1/2 into my night’s sleep this month), but chances are your body won’t be ready. I figured it was late, I was tired, I’d take lots of pills to stay “alert”… as a result, I was swallowing imaginary saliva all night, flickering my eyes, and only getting numbed signals from the brain. It knew I was awake more than the last time!

So it’s time to combine all methods. That’s right, tonight I’m going for the gold.

Write down my day’s events ASAP. Maybe a brain game. Eat an apple and drink some juice. Set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. I’ll get up, use the restroom, take a small melatonin, and go back to bed (the Wake, Back To Bed, or WBTB technique). I’ll be playing an MP3 of an hour of silence, and then at various intervals, a quick tone will go off. I will NOT wear headphones, the things are just too uncomfortable and hindering of your sleep.

We’ll see!

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