When I sleep in my bed, my mind does not THINK to concentrate on anything BUT sleeping. Go figure. So it’s back to regular sleeping and the Dream Journal, until Friday night again. Last night’s dreams were all forgotten, due to the experiment.

I woke up after a few beeps, didn’t know why, or that I was supposed to concentrate on falling back to sleep. Then I realized why I was awake and shut off my iPhone. When I’m in my “chamber”, I know exactly WHY and what to do.

<EDIT: I attempted a third time. The above statement is not entirely true, apparently, as I drifted into sleep, woke up and INSTANTLY sat up and checked my phone for messages despite having it on airplane mode and having had an alarm set to wake me when I needed to get up.

The third time was better than the second, worse than the first. Saw lights, heard nothing, barely went numb (more fuzzy), and drifted for quite a while. Came close to dreams over taking me though.

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