Afternoon Delight… wait, no

I just had a better W.I.L.D. (wake initiated lucid dream) attempt on my lunch break than in the 2-3 hour long “chamber” attempts at night.

After a quick trip to Burger-King (promotional tie-in), I decided to skip the drink and just lay back in my car with the windows open.

If not for the slight irritation in my throat (I think I may be coming down with a cold), and the mustard from the burger making it worse, I might have succeeded!

I focused on the lights, which came MUCH easier and stronger (I believe due to the real recent activity and sunlight), I started drifting in and out pretty quickly.

I saw the squiggles we all get on our retinas, plus waves of light pulsing and washing from side to side. I went under real briefly. When I re-focused I tried ever-so-slightly to move and it seemed like sleep paralysis might have set in.

My heart started pounding and I admittedly got a little scared. The lights were forming and opening in a circle, and I wanted SO BADLY to step through it into a dream, but I got an extreme need to swallow, as my throat was hurting.

I swallowed and it was nowhere near as numb as when I hadn’t moved for 2 hours and I swallowed. The excitement had passed. I thought about wiggling my fingers and it happened quite easily, so I opened my eyes.

So close!

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