I Was Awaken INTO a Nightmare

So I haven’t blogged since January 26th, but I’ve had some “activity” worth mentioning. I was super stoked about my seemingly close NILD (Nap Induced Lucid Dream) variation of a WILD, and although I started this week off swearing I wasn’t going to lose sleep and attempt any crazy dream techniques, I was SO looking forward to doing the Wake Back To Bed method of setting my alarm just before my last REM cycle and going back to bed concentrating on lucid dreaming.

My friend and I have been discussing our dreams with each other via text messages, as he lives a couple hundred miles away, and it’s been encouraging to have someone else who’s almost as crazy about all this as me, to bounce experiences and ideas off of. We’ve discovered the Airplane Mode on our phones, because we keep sending each other horrible pictures of creatures and fictional mutated profiles and creepy audio clips to scare each other in the middle of the night.

I prepped for Wednesday night. I’ve read to hold off on Vitamin B until I awake around 4:30 a.m., and to go easy on the melatonin just before you first go to bed. So I took about 6mgs of melatonin. However, feeling like I might’ve been coming down with a cold, I may have taken some Nyquil also (I don’t remember). I wrote in my Day Journal (prime the brain pumps) just before bed, and I was set.

At midnight, I was out like a light. Between the melatonin, sickness and possible Nyquil, it was a DEEP sleep. However, at 1:00 a.m., I opened my eyes, kicking and screaming at the following visage…

Good Morning, Black Thursday

Good Morning, Black Thursday

I do not remember waking up. I simply remember a strange, asexual mime trying to get WAY to close to me. As I heard it in my head, it was cooing or softly voicing it’s displeasure in my feet in it’s chest and throat. “OooOOooEEeeeEEooo???”

In the FAR back of my mind, I was glad to be tossed into a horror-based nightmare, because they always tip me off to the fact that I’m dreaming. I then become lucid, and take control of the dream. The creature looked almost as scared of me as I was of it, and it didn’t seem like it wanted to hurt me — but I needed to get it AWAY from me so I could take control. Something strange began to happen, instead of shifting or becoming hazier (or waking up), the dream was becoming MORE vivid. MORE real, despite the strobing lights and darkness.

I could hear my wife calling out my name and screaming, “No! Stop! Stop!”, which angered me a bit. Why would you WANT me to STOP attacking this thing, don’t YOU see it?! I got REALLY worried. Had I broke Sleep Paralysis and been flailing in our bed? Had my dream research flipped my lid? The creature was now at a legs length away from me, so I screamed to my wife, “WHAT?!”

“It’s Matt.” I looked at the thing, and didn’t understand. At first, it looked like a clean, zombie version of the character Lutz from 30 ROCK (a show that’s been turning my brain to oatmeal, as we’ve been watching WAY too much of it before bed). But now I could see, it was some strange version of my friend, and he was doubled-over smiling and said, “It’s just a dream!” and started chuckling. My wife replied back, “It’s just a dream,” and I thought, “Now my DREAMS are mocking my attempts at lucidity!”, but I soon realized that it was my friend, either in a False Awakening… or in waking life.

“Do you wanna get beat?”

He started laughing and my wife said it again, in disbelief, “It’s just a dream.” I still didn’t understand. A charlie horse in my leg started to tip me off and the Rocky shirt my friend was wearing certainly wasn’t scary. I could then smell him (ah, the last sense to wake up).

“Supriiiisssse,” he whispered. He then mumbled and ran out of the room, leaving my wife and I in the dark. I groaned at the pain in my leg. Chuckled a bit. Breathed. Turned to my wife and asked, “What just happened?”

I used the bathroom, texted my friend, “Where are you?!” and he replied, “In my car, I think I peed my pants!” and I finally really realized…

That had all just really happened.

Now I present to you, the video he filmed of himself scaring me into a near convulsion.

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6 Responses to I Was Awaken INTO a Nightmare

  1. miatara says:

    This is hilarious! And incredibly weird, almost reads like a script from a horror film.

  2. oneironeer says:

    It felt like a short, avant-garde, horror film. Like David Lynch directed a nightmare. Thanks for reading/posting!

  3. miatara says:

    No worries.

    Been writing down my crazy dreams on the Blackberry for months. Realised they were pretty hilarious so now posting them on here, but recall is getting more difficult/erratic for some reason. Any help?

  4. oneironeer says:

    Writing a quick and sloppy day journal before bed, writing the highlights of the day. Not moving from bed when you first wake up and recalling the dream, pen and paper by the bed, or a voice recorder. Galantamind. Honestly, I’m having triuble myself lately.

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