Adults Trade Nightmares for the Unpleasant

For some reason, being sick throws your nightly schedules off, so I haven’t been diligent about my Day Journal highlights (which feels like doing brain stretches before the exercise of dreaming). I’m sure I don’t NEED an apple, before apple juice, before writing in a journal about the mundane events of the day, and to set my alarm for 4 & 1/2 hours after sleep (though I always wake up an hour or two earlier to use the restroom, thanks apple juice).

But doing all of the above got me three various levels of lucidity in the month of January after years of nothing, so I think it’s worth doing. Attempting WILDs (wake initiated lucid dreaming) has been screwing with my original trajectory and purpose (which, I guess you could say was inducing “MILDs”, mnemonic initiated lucid dreams).

The result has been, I’m too tired and unimpressed with my dreams to wake up and record them, so they’ve mostly been forgotten. There’s been the one where myself and several people sat in director’s chairs on the top of a desert hill and watched as bombs fell over a city in the valley below. One had something to do with bass fish?

So I just picked up some Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) extract in the form of liquid drops. I had a splitting headache (for a few days in a row due to the cold I’m harboring) and took 6 drops before taking a nap. It felt like I was dreaming before I was even asleep, and though I attempted a WILD and my right hand was rather numb, I didn’t feel as though Sleep Paralysis or unconsciousness had overtaken me at all. I was either REALLY tired, or the stuff was trying to work right away, even in just a half asleep state.

Mugwort is a plant that, “has been shown to increase the vividness, recollection, and control of dreams,” according to DreamViews. The kind I got has 18-20% grain alcohol by volume, so I figured it can’t hurt to influence me to either sleep and/or dream something interesting. So last night I tried it out before bed. As they say, be careful what you wish for…


I dreamed my wife accidentally sent me a text message that was meant for another man. It revealed an affair to be occurring. Actually, to be honest, it made insinuation to her being married to another man, their anniversary being February 15th.

I was fed up and done with her, and so I paid a visit to my in-laws, perhaps hoping they’d knock some sense into her, but more than likely to explain why I was going to be leaving her. The three of us sat down, and I began to lay a foundation for what I was about to tell them, but they made it clear that they could care less. I pushed, “I haven’t even told you what’s going on yet, and you are okay with me leaving? Is this because you all just never liked me?” They made it known that this was the case. I remember, in the dream, thinking well forget leaving, maybe I’ll just commit suicide.

I woke up, drifted in and out of sleep. I didn’t think I’d remember the dream unless I recorded it, and due to feeling ill and the unpleasantness of the dream, I wasn’t overly eager to record it anyways. My wife woke me up, she was leaving for work. I didn’t recall my 2:30 a.m. OR my 6:00 a.m. alarms going off. I must have been sleeping HARD.

So I went back to bed, and wouldn’t you know it… the bloody dream continued…


I dreamed that my wife and I were with a couple of friends outside a nursing facility at night. The one-story building was met by the circular parking lot we were all standing in. Someone pulled up in a van beside our car, and got out. He was a dark latino, about 6ft 5inches tall, bald with an earring and a goatee. Some gesture or acknowledgement triggered me to turn to my wife and say, “Is that him?” My wife suddenly no longer looked like my wife, but a friend who has had infatuation and “crush” issues in the past, and she in a very starry-eyed manner said, “Noooo..,” making it obvious that it WAS the other man.

I had been sipping on a juice drink, and so I spit a mouthful onto the guy. From here, the dream split into a third-person perspective. I was watching myself chasing this guy into the nursing facility, and it would shift from me being chased, to me getting ready to attack. It didn’t really have a conclusion, as I slowly woke up and felt my mind using imagination to provide me with some kind of closure, but I woke up completely.

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