“Long Time”, No Blog

They got me on antibiotics and cough medicine, which pretty much means IF I sleep, it’s a DEEP sleep and very few remembered dreams. After I’m over this month-long cold, I’m getting some Pro-Galantanmine from Advanced Dream Nutrition, and hitting this lucidity thing hard.

But for now…. mmmm, g’night


Despite my intense cough medicine and antibiotics, I was determined to dream SOMETHING, so I made a Blue Vervain pill and tea, and took some Mugwort drops after waking up at 1:00 a.m. Wow that stuff is bitter. I even crushed up a melatonin into the tea, which was half apple juice. I was shooting for the stars!

All I got was a dream of preparing to go to bed. My wife was already alseep (and wow did we have a comfy looking bed! I’m so jealous), and I kept writing in something (it’s getting more and more meta here), and it upset me because it was getting late. I started falling asleep AS I was writing, and I remember thinking, “Yup, this stuff’s starting to work, I’m gonna end up knocked out on the floor pretty soon…”

The end.


EDIT: Wait, no. I also dreamed I was at work (I gotta get away from that place!), and the cleaning lady and some relative of her’s had these strange bananas for us to try out (is my subconscious a bigot?). They were like giant Bird of Paradise flower crossed with an ALIEN face hugger, and when it was opened up, it was wet, slimy and a very colorful red.

The “fruit” inside was rather small compared to what started to appear like a small opened rib cage, complete with bloody, pink lungs inside. I started “wearing” what was left over on my face and shirt, purposefully trying to gross out people in the office, but then I noticed it had a cologne-like odor, and I thought, “Oh, THIS is what I’ve been smelling all day?”

How could I forget that?

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