Lucidity Achieved Amidst Muddy Dreams

And just when you’re about to give up for a while, you have a minor success.

I had made another Blue Vervain capsule and tea to be taken later in the night. I drank Apple Juice before bed so I’d have to wake up regardless of my 4:30 a.m. alarm. I’m reading an old favorite, THE GUNSLINGER, which I felt was probably almost as good as writing in a Day Journal before bed (at least I engaged my mind, rather than turning it off with two hours of TV).

I set a Lucidity Blip (as I call it) to go off every 90 minutes from my phone, putting it roughly at the peak of REM sleep. The first woke me up, and I went to the bathroom and took my Blue Vervain concoctions. I drank the tea slowly, as it’s very bitter, and ate small pieces of chocolate to wake up the mind a little bit. I then went back to sleep.

I had more unremembered, uncomfortable, violent(?), infidelity type dreams (it seems they’ve occured the nights I’ve taken the Blue Vervain, which makes me question the stuff, I’ll have to observe it’s continued effects), then some of the most random, unformed dreams about Jason Newsted’s last concert with Metallica, and how Kirk Hammet (lead guitarist) was actually a woman. I tried understanding, “Was he ALWAYS a woman, or did he get an operation?” He was a buxom, anime-like geisha in flowing robes and I thought, “He’s hot, it’s wrong, but he’s hot.”

Then I dreamed I was being told that the “o_O” emoticon was the worst poker face, because it’s unreliable. Someone said the most famous case of a bad poker-face was when The Lady In Red was on trial, and someone said something disagreeable to her and she snapped her head towards them, gap-jawed.

The Blip woke me up again, but I don’t remember hearing it, and I must’ve turn it off while half asleep. I tried in this state to concentrate, “You’ll lucid dream now, you’ll lucid dream now…”

AND THEN I WAS IN A RESTAURANT LOBBY: To the left and right were the dining areas, and an ice-cream fight was apparently going on in the right dining hall, as people were coming out with the stuff on their clothes. Then an aquaintence of mine walked up from the left, and I looked to the right and saw Al Pacino had just gotten hit with a scoop or two of vanilla. He was amused looking, holding his own empty cone, “Yut, yut, yeeeah. Uh-HUH!”, he shouted, smiling.

My friend shouted, “Ooooh, they GOT you buddy!”, and people were starting to shuffle into the lobby for “safe harbor”. I thought, as people started surrounding me, “Holy crap! My friend just shouted at Al Pacino, I’m DEFINITELY gonna have to write this in my Dream Blog.

And then it hit me. “Wait a minute!”, and pushed my way through the crowd. I noted that these dreams had been very muddy and unformed, so I started rubbing my hands together and on the carpet to feel textures. I either walked outside, or the dream shifted to an outside cafe (if it shifted, so much for rubbing my hands together solidifying things).

Outside, I walked past people eating their meals. I looked around at the landscape, which was disappointing, because I’m still sort of aiming for a cityscape, and this was mostly trees and a few smaller buildings here and there. I touched people’s clothes and skin as I walked by. I remember touching the skin on the upper arm of a woman, near her armpit, and feeling that little tiny bit of stubble.

As I imagined the city being bigger and fuller around me, the sky grew dark. I got a bit melodramatic and INCEPTION influenced and thought, “Uh oh, something’s going on ‘up there’,” imagining that in the Waking World, things were upsetting my sleeping body. Which, as it turns out, is possible, because my wife told me later on that she got up at 5:00 a.m. to use the restroom and the neighbor upstairs was doing his laundry — when I finally woke up from this round of dreams, it was 5:30 a.m., and I hadn’t woken up to her getting in and out of bed, or the thumping of the laundry above.

The sky was forboding, and I struggled with what I should do with my lucidity. I turned and a speeding monorail train whizzed by. I thought, “Ah ha! Faster than a locomotive!” and I jumped onto the side of the train. I held on briefly, but the speed and shaking pulled me out of the dream.

I had a False Awakening into another dream, where I was on the blanketed floor of an office cubicle. Above, large blankets covered the tops of the cubicle dividers. It was very comfortable, and I looked at my phone, which had been playing Pandora Radio, and jumped to a commercial, which was apparently the “reason” I “woke up” (sorry for the overuse of quotations).

How could I NOT do a reality in that kind of setting? My dreams went back to being muddy and unformed for the rest of the night, and I almost forgot I had a lucid dream! I typed it into my phone, and fell asleep.

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