YOUTUBE Channel, Up and Running

I have painstakingly created an Isochronic Tone synthesizer, and incorporated it into my music. For the time-being, it’s only a Theta (7Hz, REM sleep) brain wave — but future music I create will “ramp down” from a more awakened and relaxed state, and over the course of the song slow down to something closer to deep sleep, and then back up to Theta.

I have also created a very brief AVE (Audio-Visual Entrainment) video for my first test song. The idea is to turn off your lights, expand the YouTube video to full-screen, and just sit back and close your eyes. A video this short won’t likely do anything (unless you’re epileptic, in which case you shouldn’t watch it), but it is a bit relaxing and a fore-gleam of things to come!

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