Another Muddy, but Lucid Dream

So last night (2/8/11), I failed to get up at 4.5 hours and attempt a WILD (wake induced lucid dream), but I DID listen to my Alpha 10Hz, 10 minute long ambient song a few times in the day, and at lunch I took a nap listening to it, along with someone else’s Lucid Spike tones mp3. I didn’t really fall asleep, but I did get zonked out by my song.

Went out and bought some Acetyl-L-Carnitine with Lipoic Acid at Walgreens (two over the counter supplements that come together, and that’s what you’d want) which a psyche nurse suggested for cognitive enhancement/memory aid/recall. I also got my Galantanmine in the mail. I was all set to have some dreams, ANY dreams! Just so long as they were memorable. I’m done with my antibiotics which Vitamin B says not to take with, so I could jump back on the B-Complex.

Before bed, I took the following: Acetyl-l-Carnitine with Lipoic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba, B-Complex 100, and Melatonin (3mgs) for that “rebound” effect.


I dreamed that my co-worker was giving hair advice to a delivery man, telling him that she could cut his hair better than he got it cut. I was happy with my hair, but then realized I could use a cut. My co-worker grabbed at the $7-10 dollars in my shirt pocket, and said she’d cut my hair after work, and my boss said we could leave early.

As we were walking outside, I looked back and saw the owner of the company was back from where ever she head been, and she was upset. I thought, “I bet she’s mad he’s let us leave early, I better get out of here…”, but it was too late, my boss called me back.

“She’s upset about what you wrote in your evaluation,” he said as he walked me downstairs to a small room. Attached to that room was another room, where a few people were repairing arcade games. I saw Dragonslair and wondered, “Why haven’t I seen this before?!”

“I guess you said…” my boss read from my evaluation, “‘I’ll do whatever the hell I wanna do.'” I was floored, “I wrote that?!”

“Yeah, and she wants to console you.”, my boss’ friend said from the corner of the room, with his back to the rest of us. “Yeah, so just sit in that room in there and wait for her.”

I went back into the first room, and saw two chairs. I positioned them so I’d have some breathing room for when we sat down and talked. There was a floor fan next to what would be her seat, and it was on but not plugged. I wasn’t scared, I thought it must be battery powered or something. I look at my chair and a floor fan WAS plugged in and running, and I thought, “But just out of curiosity…”

I put my hand out and thought, “STOP.” The fan slowed down. I was sitting on the floor, and realized, “I’m dreaming.” I looked around the room and suddenly the tacky wood panel walls were covered in sketches, drawings, and pictures of what seemed somewhat East Indian influenced art and near-religious symbols. I was worried of what I would see, so I suddenly jumped up, excited to be Lucid, and a dream rap song started playing. I started dancing around the room. It was almost as though I was about to lose lucidity, because I was so distracted with the joy of knowing I was dreaming.

I got it into my head to look into a mirror, confusing a Reality Check for a Dream Goal or “grounding” effect. What I saw looking back was scary. I was shirtless, flickering at high speeds and jump editing to and fro. I looked simultaneously happy and terrifying. I got a bit afraid by that, so I danced over to a refrigerator that was now in the slightly longer room. I had just been told on DreamViews that eating something can help solidify a dream, to further “texturize” and “ground” it. I opened the freezer, and low and behold it was filled with frozen foods.

“You can’t make this easier on yourself?”, so I opened the fridge and found some strawberries in plastic wrap. I had to tear into the wrapper to pull out a strawberry. I popped it in my mouth and ate. It had the texture and feel of eating a strawberry, and it almost had a flavor — but I think I was expecting it to BE flavorful without my WORKING at it. Something on the opposite wall from the refrigerator distracted me, and suddenly I woke up to my wife shifting positions in bed.

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