Crash and Burn, WILD

Due to how “close” I feel I came to succeeding on Thursday night with my failed WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming), I tried the very next night. Unfortunately, two things went wrong right off the bat…

I woke up at 5:50 a.m., instead of 3:30 a.m. which I had set my alarm for. Waking up late, I jumped frantically to get up. I had a headache. So I took Excederin Tension medicine (not thinking of how much caffeine was in it), and my various supplements and vitamins, and began my WILD.

Unlike Thursday night, I stayed very awake and alert for both MP3s (though I might’ve dipped a little during the silence, because I was startled by a strange noise). I had an upset stomach, but was able to deal with it. Whatever the case, after the MP3s were done playing, and some time passed, I was too awake. I started hearing the noises of neighbors driving to and fro through the walls, my headphones, AND earplugs — and just got more irritated.

Soon, I started getting warm. I figured I was just getting mad, thus my body temperature was going up. I tried to calm down, take deeper breaths. Soon, I was on fire. I started breaking out in a full body sweat! I thought, “Okay, I’ll use this. I refuse to quit. Imagine you’re in a shadowy part of a desert…”, but soon I felt an overwhelming urge to throw up.

Finally, I went to sit up, which was slow going, as my limbs were numbed by minor Sleep Paralysis. Once I sat up, I cooled off pretty quickly, however soon another urge overcame me which involved running to the bathroom.

After two hours of a WILD attempt, my body turned up the heat to tell me, “You need to stop this foolishness and use the bathroom.” I found it fascinating, but certainly not as much fun as the night before.

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