Three Dreams, and Taking a Break

Since I started these dream experiments and this dream journal at the beginning of the year, I’ve had 6 lucid dreams of varying quality, several interesting false awakenings, brushes with sleep paralysis, and one terrifying prank played upon me.

Not bad for one month’s time.

Unfortunately, each new method, herb, supplement and vitamin I read might help me, I’d toss it into the mix. So now after a week of tossing everything at my dreams/mind/body including the kitchen sink, I think I should pull back a bit. I’m gonna try and take a week off of everything but apples and apple juice, and writing/recording any interesting dreams.

So no supplements, no techniques. Just, if I wake up with an interesting dream worth writing down, I will.

In the meantime, last night’s dreams…


I dreamed my wife and I were staying in a dream modified version of an old house my parents and I used to live in about 10-years ago. We were watching television, and we both decided to we had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was very large and had two toilets and two showers (both walk-in showers, one with seats and everything). I started wondering why, as a married couple, we had not yet taken err, advantage of such a shower. I looked over at my wife, and she was smoking, on the john (very NON-conducent to my previous idea). She doesn’t smoke, so I was appalled.

“What the hell are you doing?!”, she looked affronted. I then told her just how UNsexy this was. The dream shifted back out into the living room, where she was crying and upset at how mad I had gotten and the things I said in my anger. I tried to calm her down, and told her I just didn’t want her smoking.

I woke up, jotted half a sentence down on my iPhone, and laid back to sleep…

I then dreamed that I was in a small, narrow home. I made my bed on the couch in the living room, facing two sliding-glass doors. I slid the door open to the dark night and woods outside, hoping that if I slept while facing that, I might induce a nightmare, which might induce a lucid dream (not realizing that I was in fact already dreaming!).

I “woke back up” into the same dream, and two outside cats had waltz into the living room. I squinted my eyes at the door, hoping maybe I was dreaming and would see some horror walking slowly inside. For a split second, I had the bizarre idea, “Or even just Marc Bolan of T.Rex, it doesn’t need to be Jason or Freddy Krueger,” but nothing happened. Drat, I must be awake (AND WHY AM I NOT REMEMBERING TO REALITY CHECK?!). So I got up, closed the door, turned and pet a kitty, and walked through the living room. A desk in the living room had a container of a powder supplement to help you sleep. I thought it was ironic… these dreams are starting to converge in upon themselves!

Then I woke up for real, and was too tired to record my dream, so I repeated three times out loud, “Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare…”, and went back to bed.

I went right back into my previous dream setting, and knew I had slept in WAY late. My mother was there, and I said, “I guess I’m taking today off. Maybe I should call in.” But I already had messages from work on my phone. I considered going into work…

and then I woke up for real, again.

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