1 Week, 1 Lucid Dream

And yet, I’m still not happy.

The last week’s dreaming was mostly muddy. A few stood out, but my last two nights attempting a WILD have been more interesting than the week’s dreams (though less interesting than last week’s WILD so far).

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was in bed watching television with my wife, in my Snuggie, and someone knocked at the door.

I got up, but my ankles were killing me and I could hardly walk. I got to the door and it was a friend of mine. He came in and I hobbled to a chair. We talked and I picked up my acoustic guitar and started fumbling through Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, because my friend loves Led Zeppelin.

I woke up, and my feet were a little cramped against the door of my “sleep chamber”, and I got scared. “What if my ankles really are some kind of pain? I better try and move them.”

I did, and they were fine. D’oh! Tricked again by the brain.

I fell asleep again, and when I woke up, I was careful NOT to move. I felt REAL fuzzy and numb, I wondered if I was still in Sleep Paralysis but I refused to move to check it (thus ruining it).

Then I felt a wave of lightening wash over me — it FELT as though I was now NOT in SP, so I concentrated on being dead still. And then ANOTHER wave, this time a heavy numbness, it was returning and I was feeling the process! Cool.

But then my throat constricted with this numbness, and I freaked out. I tried to focus on something calming, but couldn’t, and I jolted. Again, “Dear Body: This is The Brain… Gotcha!”

Soon, I could hear cars and the day beginning outside in the waking world and couldn’t focus on trying again, so I got up and went back to bed.

LAST NIGHT I tried again.

I got up after 4 hours of sleep. I had purchased a sleep mask yesterday. Reading at DreamViews about anchors, I thought how I might have been able to realize I was dreaming last week if part of my focusing process included, “Mask still on, check.”, because each false awakening would’ve failed to cover my face, since dreams are so eager to SHOW you things.

So I had my earplugs, headphones and sleep mask.

I had many dreams, one in particular was somewhat vivid involving me and a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world, in a  cold rural region, like southern Alaska. I had a wolf/husky dog, and realizing he was probably hungry, I encouraged his noticing a rabbit in the woods.

We both ran through the woods and into a clearing with bushes and small hills. In the distance was the river. My dog lost the rabbits, but there was a cat chasing quail, and I thought he’d would go for a bird and be content.

Instead, he scooped the cat right up! “Oooh, no you… well, okay. Eww…”

Then I saw a large boating vessel in the river. I began to explore it alone. I forget much of what happened next, except I believe a little, strange boy was hiding out on the abandoned boat.

I miss my wolf/husky!

I woke up and resumed “focusing” (ie., slowly drifting to sleep with little success at WILDing), woke up again, and got up and got back into my real bed.

In the remaining hours in bed, I dreamed I was using an electric shaver to clean up my sideburns, and when I flipped the switch to off, it kept running. I turned it on and off again, but it still ran. So I pulled the battery thinking something was wrong with the shaver, and it was STILL running (much like my last Lucid Dream’s floor fan)!

I looked excited at the mirror, not as a Reality Check (and honestly, this time nothing was strange about my reflection, except maybe being a little “off”, or out of sync), but out of sheer joy, and spun towards the door!

“Okay, Oneironeer, walk into another dream, more exciting than this 13 by 4 foot room!”

But I put the cart before the horse, and forgot to imagine what was on the other side of the door! The hallway that’s normally behind that door appeared and faded to blackness as I jumped through, “Oh! Eh, a CITY! A city! Darnit!”

The dream imagery disappeared, and I felt myself waking up, “Okay, nothing fancy, I’ll just fly, I can be boring and cliche, just don’t wake up!”

I was swimming more than flying, like when you jump into a warm pool and let your arms go back, just cutting through the blackness.

Suddenly a new dream appeared around me. I was at a pool (fitting, now that I think of how I felt in between the dream shift). I wanted to alter the dream setting a little more, but my brain pulled a strange default image out that distracted me.

Wolverine, in early 1990’s X-Men dark blues, yellows and reds, was there.

Knowing there’s no WAY I’d be able to focus on doing anything else, I turned to Wolvie. Okay, let’s fight.

He came at me with his claws, and although I knew I had godlike power in this world, the fear of those claws caused me to grab him by the wrists, and throw him into the deep end of the pool.

I hopped in, and he dove at me. I really wanted to be doing something else with my dream, “What’re you, 10 years old?” I thought to myself.

I probably would’ve started talking to Wolverine and convincing him to chill out, except he wasn’t exactly “real” enough. More like a VERY high resolution, ultra vivid, 3D video game character (it certainly wasn’t Hugh Jackman), and at that moment, Thor flew from the sky into the pool in the same early 90’s X-Men colors and looking like Marvel vs. Capcom in the year 2100. So real, and yet NOT a person.

Then I woke up. I DIDN’T move (which impressed me, because I was in bed), and I kept my eyes shut, hoping to return to the dreaming. But it had passed, and I was awake.

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