Does Beiber appearing in your dreams qualify as a nightmare?

So this weekend’s WILD (wake initiated lucid dreaming) attempts were a bust. I’m creating a schedule to increase the number of times a week I can try this out. Odds are, I will EVENTUALLY get this.

And though I fell asleep without being aware of had begun dreaming, I did have a strange string of unconsciousness flow out. The strange thing, one dream that connects to the following doesn’t seem to “fit” in. Like a footnote or editor’s cut dream that I can’t figure out where it went…


So, I dreamt that I was with a few friends on an embankment of a canal that weaved in between rich people’s “modest” homes. On a boat dock that’s bottom half bobbed in and out of the water, I sat down with my acoustic guitar. A younger friend of mine and his father were in a small row boat together several feet out from the dock, close enough to hear their conversation.

I dropped my guitar pick into the water, and scooped it up as it floated on top. At that my friend told his dad a joke that wasn’t all that funny, and his dad laughed a little at first. Then he laughed louder. And then LOUDER still.

“Man, it wasn’t that funny,” I thought. I looked to the right of the dock and on the other side of the canal was a nice yard running up a whitewashed home. Suddenly, it was midday, with an overcast and I was standing on the patio of that house. I walked into the yard where my stepdad was doing yard work. He had a boom-box playing a rap CD, and it was a NEW Digital Underground album (y’know, the people who brought you “The Humpty Dance”), and I was remembering how this come back album was getting RAVE reviews!

It was tongue in cheek, surprisingly clean, and a funny commentary on society. I also somehow remembered it was getting popular because Justin Beiber was talking it up a lot. I walked back inside, and my friend from the first part of my dream was chilling out with Justin Beiber. Candy was sitting out, and although I already had a piece, I caught Beiber trying to steal one of my pieces. “Uh uh!” I said, as I snatched it from him. My friend said, “Here, have you tried this topping?”, and he put it on the piece of candy I was about to have. I ate it, don’t remember being amazed, but I ate it nonetheless.

Then the dream shifted again and it was late evening and the room was darker. A few more younger friends were there (no, nothing weird, other than that itself that is, lol), and a random young kid picked my guitar off the wall and sat down with it. He bopped the front of it on the bedpost as he sat, and I instantly reached out and grabbed both him and the guitar, “If you value your genitals, you will let go of this guitar… NOW!”

He let go, and I carefully put it back on the wall, and then spun around and in a gravelly voice bellowed, “If you EVER wanna play with yourself again, or have the ability to rear children, NEVER touch another man’s guitar! Do you understand?!”

Suddenly, I was alone in the room, pretending to be reading a book. I had been imagining I had just scared some hapless kid, but I had really shouted it out. I had spittle and snot dripping from my face, that’s how intense I got. I looked up and my Filipino stepmother (btw, I don’t have a Filipino stepmother) was stepping out of one room, into the hallway, to go into another room across from the room I was “reading” in.

She looked at me like, “What the HELL was that shutting?”, but I continued pretending to be reading. I looked back up like, “What?” and she looked confused. She smiled in a, “I know you’re up to something” kind of way, and walked down the hall.

Then my dream ended… except…

At SOME point the friend from the first part of the dream was following me around a Toys R’ Us/Wal-Mart kind of store. I wasn’t particularly paying him much attention, but he was starting to get followed by other younger teens. What the heck was going on??

At one point, I lost them, and look over a display case of decals. An older guy (in his 50’s) was bragging about the superhero decays he picking up to a random adult, and I felt bad for him. “What a dork.” He even said something about his mother’s house. I HAD to stare at the guy, but upon closer inspection, he didn’t really look all that geeky. He looked like a regular, mature guy. He looked right back at me, which embarrassed ME, because I felt like I had an accusatory look on my face.

The problem with this dream is, I don’t know where it fit into the above. I thought it connected somehow, but it seems like an extra puzzle piece.

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