More Comic Book Lucidity

Each time I say I’ve burned out on trying wake induced lucid dreaming, I try again. But last night, I was tired as anything. So I set my recorder near my hed side and just went to sleep, no real prep.

I had tons of dreams, most I can’t remember, but within one, I remember thinking, “I already dreamt this…,” and suddenly I was lucid.

I dreamed Spider-Man had just gotten beat up, and was out cold. I was lying on the floor, so I stood up (what I’m really wondering is, if this wasn’t more of my “channel surfing dreams”, where I’m an uninvolved viewer to the dreams that fly by — only, when I saw a “re-run”, I decided to ENTER the dream, which felt like “standing up”).

I super quickly (to the point of not remembering much about) disposed of his enemies, as Spidey was halfway in and out of a house we were all in. I walked over to him and picked him up, amd walked outside thinking, “I’ve bookended my dreaming tonight with Spider-Man dreams.”

Outside, the crisp morning air and well lit overcast slowly made the dream VERY vivid. I noted, “Wow, it’s getting more detailed on it’s own.”

I set Spider-Man down on some patio furniture in a backyard deck. I stood up, turned around, and thought, “Okay, NOW what to do…?”

And I woke up.

This was a very disappointing Lucid Dream. I KNEW I was dreaming, but kept playing the part of the dreamer. I need to learn how to reconstruct the dreams I’ve been given, no matter how interesting I momentarily think they are.

I mean, superheroes are cool and all, but what am I, 10 years old?! I got goals and experiments I wanna work on here!

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