Almost a WILD (Definitely a Lucid)

So technically, for it to have been a WAKE initiated Lucid Dream, I would have felt the transition between laying there and dreaming, being consciously aware from start to finish, but this morning I had the closest thing to a WILD I’ve had since my endless night of False Awakenings a couple weeks ago.

Normally on Thursday nights, I do a WBTB (wake, back to bed) around 4:30 a.m., and attempt a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream around 5:00a.m. They have all failed so far, so when I went to bed last night with a splitting headache, I thought forget this, I need my uninterrupted sleep.

But at about 6:00 a.m., I woke up anyway, due to the headache which had gotten worse throughout the night. I couldn’t lay on my back any longer, as it made the pain worse, so I got up and sat on my living room couch. Comfort eluded me, so I tried resting by sitting up in my bed. Still couldn’t get comfortable, so after my wife left for work at about 7:30a.m., I went back out into the living room and sat on the couch.

At 8:00a.m., the upstairs neighbor started walking around, being loud, and the lawn maintenance crew started making a racket outside. I nearly puked from the pain. I got up, connected my iPhone to my living room stereo system, and blasted my 30 minute, Alpha/Theta/Beta MP3 song, which is followed by Iso-Tones’ Lucid Spike MP3. I focused on the musical changes I’m so familiar with since I made the MP3, and followed my way through about 3/5ths of the song… and then…

I was remembering/imagining, and then dreaming about visiting my friend in Miami with my wife. It was a very brief sequence, and then I was back on my couch, sitting up, with my Snuggie still on. I could tell my MP3 had finished, and I thought the next MP3 had started, but in the background I could hear the band America’s “Horse With No Name” playing.

“What? That’s not right… am I dreaming?”

So I slowly opened my eyes, the room was as it should be, if not a little out of focus. I attempted a Reality Check (the old how many fingers are on my hands RC), and saw the Snuggie lift up, but MY HANDS WERE INVISIBLE.


I heard what sounded like thunder, but didn’t “roll” like thunder, and I realized it was my upstairs neighbor opening his sliding-glass door. I focused on standing up, “I wonder if I’ll be sleep walking? This is so weird.”

It was a monumental effort, but I finally got up. I feared the work it had taken would wake me up, still thinking it was possible I was sleep walking. I felt a little different, more “awake”, which worried me, so I checked my hands again. Sure enough, when I raised my right hand, I could count 5 admittedly blurry fingers. I turned to the left hand, and it too had 5, out of focus, fingers.

“Darn it! I woke up!”

Then I felt the real waking up shudder, and I was back on the couch, sitting up as I had started. The second MP3 (the Iso-Tones MP3) had NOT started playing yet (it was about 5 minutes into the silent introduction), so this all occurred roughly within 15 minutes, from the Miami snippet, to the false awakening/lucidity.

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