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I W.I.L.D.’ed! (2 Lucid Dreams in 1 Night!)

Today, due to the sheer amount of dreams I had last night, and the strong desire to make sure I blog them, I am resorting to using Dragon Dictation and BlogPress on my iPhone while driving to work, sitting at … Continue reading

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Dreamtown, Jamaica

Two nights ago… Searching for a Groove My wife and I were a little lost, but in this case, I didn’t mind. We were “exploring” more than we were lost, and I heard music playing from somewhere. I could hear … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink & Dream…

Or do, it’s up to you. I know I shouldn’t drink and then go to sleep, because I wake up with horrible headaches (even if I just have one beer). I had two drinks, attempted a WILD (fell instantly asleep), … Continue reading

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Little Death, Very Lost

My wife closed at work ALL week. This basically means that when I should already be in bed, she’s just getting home. Thus I stay up, and don’t get to sleep until 12-1 a.m., and get up at 6:50 a.m. … Continue reading

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1a.m. to 6:40a.m. Sleep = No Dreams

Well, for me anyway — and of course I dream, I’m just too exhausted physically to remember. Grant Morrison, Food Terrorist All I recall is writer, Grant Morrison, somehow intercepting groceries coming into my house in order to create an … Continue reading

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Pets, Mentoring and Dastardly Brothers

So last night was another case of too little sleep for memorable dreams and/or dream recording (I woke up only once, and couldn’t remember my name let alone what I dreamt), but Sunday night afforded me a little more sleep … Continue reading

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Natural Dream Recall Method (w/Lucidity)

Okay, in two to three months I’ve learned some pretty obvious stuff, some talked about on other websites, and one or two things that help me personally with all this dream stuff. First of all, 2 & 1/2 months isn’t … Continue reading

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