A Weak Week

After two days in a row with lucidity, I dropped the ball several times concerning basic dream recording, and loads of unnoteworthy, failed WILD attempts.

It’s been a week, and a stressful, tiring week at that. I’ve had opportunities to drag myself out of bed and record my dreams, but I’ve opted to just stay in bed, “Certainly I’ll remember THAT dream…?”

I never do unless they’re recorded it seems, so back on task, no matter how unimpressive the dreams seem to me.

I Want My $3!

I dreamed I was at a comic-book store (okay, I guess the jig is up, I’m a geek), trading in some books. I had found OVER the dollar amount I had garnered in trade, so I expected to pay a few bucks altogether, but when the cashier rang it up on my credit card, he went $3 over THAT amount.

I pointed it out to him, and he apologized and said I could find $3 more in books if I wanted. I went back to the el cheapo bin and a co-worker of his mocked me to the cashier, “Three lousy dollars? Sheesh.”

This pissed me off. I called over to her, and was going to ask for her to just hand over $3 of her money if it was such a small amount, but she ignored me and walked by to help another customer.

“Um, exCUSE me?”, I called out. Now I was livid. She eventually came back and I brought my complaint to the more professional cashier. He downplayed it and tried taking the blame.

“No, no, I was just saying to HER, it’s only $3, I’m sorry,” and I pounded on the countertop, “No! Don’t you take the blame for her!”

I knew HE couldn’t really get in trouble, somehow he was closely connected with the owner or manager, but SHE was the rude one and no one special there.

The cashier slipped and said something about his own mother. I stopped him, “Wait, who’s your mother??” I looked over and saw the comic-book store owner was an older woman (played by and named after my 8th Grade Science teacher!), and I put it together. He couldn’t get in trouble, because his mommy owned the business, and he wanted to protect this girl from her rude statements, but little did he know that the old teacher liked me, and this would get settled…

“Wait, are you the owner’s son?”, I asked, and he was embarrased and wouldn’t answer. The owner was leaving and saying goodnight to everyone, and as she walked by, both he and I knew what she was gonna say…..

“Goodnight son!”

But it never happened, and I woke up.


I woke up a half dozen times more often than usual last night due to an upset stomach, and at one point I found myself IN THE DARK on my stomach in my office, aware that I was dreaming and stuck between dreams, but unable to “dislodge” from this state.

I tried the “swim/fly” technique which got me out of such darkness and into another dream two weeks ago, but the lack of shift or change in my dream caused me to think maybe I wasn’t dreaming afterall…..

I was.

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