One Kind of Icky, to Another

Sunday night, I was up a half dozen times, and I almost had a Lucid Dream as a result. Last night, I was hoping to recreate this, or at least get up at 4:30 a.m. and attempt a WILD — instead, I managed to force myself to get up and record the few dreams I remembered up to that point in the night…

From Father to Funeral

I dreamed my birth father (someone I have not seen for 20+ years) was going to make a surprise visit at some big family get-together in a large northern-looking home (I live in the south). My half-brother (who is not related to my father) was supposed to be bringing him to the house. I told my wife, “Well, you’re gonna want to stick around for this.”

The room I was in slowly filled up with people, some strangers, and some family and some just distant friends. A teenager came in, listening to some kind of aggro-pop/techno band, and I could tell right away he must be a “long lost” brother of mine that my father had brought for his surprise visit, due to the similarities in our appearance.

We talked a little without his knowing who -I- was. Then there was a black woman and a few kids, and I thought, “Did dad remarry? Are these more relatives?”, and soon the room had filled up. People were lined all around the walls of the room, at first facing the double-doors which I expected my father to walk through. My actual half-brother and his family were to my right.

Suddenly the lights went out and we were watching a TV commercial staring a distant friend. After it was over, there was no more mention of my father.

Now, it turned out, the real reason we were all there was for a funeral. The house we were in was someone’s large, two-story home, and half of the building was expanded and converted into a church… in their house.

Walking down into the foyer of this church, I saw my brother and his family drinking holy water like it was a water fountain, and this upset me. I thought they had converted without my knowing it.

Soon, I was overseeing some assigned seating, and saw several older ladies crammed into one small table booth. I told my mother it was rude to put them there and she pointed out that it was the food gifts they had brought that made it hard for them to fit, so I offered to take those from them. They let me and so I was weaving in and out through the crowds, trying to find a place to put their food.

I soon gave up and found a quiet corner to sit in, set their food down, and played with a puzzle that was on the floor. I gave up on it too, and went upstairs and sat down in a living room with a television.

My mother asked me what was wrong, I think I was depressed because my father didn’t show up. Music started playing on the TV, and it was Metallica and Michael Kamen’s “No Leaf Clover”, which got me all excited! I jumped up, singing the song, turned a corner in the house and was suddenly running up a narrow alley between old Frontier Age buildings up into what felt like an old mining town.

A little girl was chasing behind me, and when we got over the hill, and in front of the buildings, we ran straight into a box made of metal and plexi-glass! I looked around and it seemed as though these boxes were torture cages for some kind of concentration camp. Two guards didn’t notice we had run INTO the boxes, but walking back out would surely get their attention, so we had to be careful.

In the box there was suddenly another, even younger little girl, and I was trying to keep them from getting the guards attention, but they kept swaying the box back and forth.

The guards slowly walked over, so I sent out the smallest kid first to distract and confuse them. Then I jumped out and started fighting off the guards.

Then the dream shifted AGAIN…

MILDLY MORBID, w/ Pee-Wee Herman

I don’t remember any backstory, I just remember Pee-Wee Herman, someone else and myself, were tormenting a fourth person. For the most part, we really were only making a mess around and on him, as he was tied to a chair. It was a pretty loose and unformed dream, as I can recall making a mess of some tractor-trailer truck (and it feels as though it might’ve been the guy tied to the chair’s truck), and a general mess of a house — but not knowing who the third person was, or who the person in the chair was.

Here’s the messed up part, be warned. Suddenly, Pee-Wee slid across the messy floor like he was stealing home-plate, whipped down his pants, and shat onto some donuts that were on the floor in front of this guy in the chair. He defecated on a few things, and jumped back up. I was pissed, “Pee-Wee, man! You crapped on MY FLOOR!”, I shouted. I decided it had gone on enough, so I started cleaning up some of the earlier mess and felt like I had ended this strange party.

And then I woke up.

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