Girls, Girls and Kids

Supergirl, the Thief

My wife and a bunch of girls were at our apartment, and we were going to go on a trip. One girl disappeared right before we left, and my neighbor brought her back to us, and said, “I hope this one is your’s,” referring to the found girl.

She was in a super girl outfit and looked cute, but guilty. He said she’s stole some things from his apartment, but I didn’t understand how she could have since she was just in our apartment. He took me into his apartment and showed me where she had broken in through the air ducts.

I took her aside as the other girls waited, and I explained to her that it was wrong to steal from my neighbors. She had books, food, and other items. She had a certain naivety and innocence coupled with knowing she was cute. She promised to return the book after she read it, and I said she’d have to return food right away.

Dream Continuation of Waking Life

A cute customer at where I work caught me playing air guitar the other day, and in my dream it was the following day. I asked her if she enjoyed that performance, and she replied that she did and laughed. My office was completely gutted to look like a cafeteria and the girl and her dream twin sister and at least one other girl along with my boss, were all laughing about the incident.

The one twin was very feisty and outspoken, the other twin just quietly smiled and giggled, and their friend was extremely loud and exaggerated things quite a bit.

I Hate Kids

Not much to this randomly remembered dream from either last night or the night before. I was in my car, and some kids on bicycles, tricycles and on foot were passing me as I sat parked.

At least one kid’s handlebar scratched horrifically across my car. I freaked out, jumped out of the car and screamed at the kid. I don’t remember much more than that.

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