Tons of Dreams, Only a Few Remembered

Last night I tried a new experiment, based on a friend of mine who has lucid dreams whenever he is exhausted. This friend wakes up several times throughout the night, every night, but when he goes to sleep exhausted his body stays asleep while his mind still tries to wake up. This is when he becomes lucid.

Since I have a different type of sleeping schedule, I figured I would try getting up closer to my last fourth of sleep and take a melatonin and fret over missing the alarm (which I double checked was working), that way I MIGHT have been dead asleep but mentally start waking up; ie. Lucidity.

Good idea, almost worked. Had a false awakening, which is a close relative to lucidity, but no dice.

Bed & Breakfast… and Death!

Okay, I shouldn’t build it up that much, there wasn’t much remembered from this one unfortunately. I woke up with a dream TV theme song in my head, nothing fantastic.

There was much more to this dream, but here is what I remember. I was working at a bed and breakfast and the customers wanted to have a picnic outside, but I knew that a thunderstorm was coming. One of my co-workers ragged me for being so worried. So I drew a picture of a thundercloud with a lightning bolt coming out of it and wrote, “Death Total: One”, elluding to my co-worker.

Dream Within a Dream

I woke up and recorded the above dream REALLY wishing I could remember more from it. Then around 4:30 a.m., I got up and took 6mg of melatonin with some warm milk, and went back to bed. My wife had to get up extra early, so I was afraid she would wake me up before leaving, but she didn’t.

I started dreaming that I was in a scrap yard, and I heard Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and my wife both say the name of the junkyard together, “Black Eyed Jacks!”

I “woke up” and my wife was watching Dirty Jobs LOUDLY in the living room on the other side of the wall I face when I’m sleeping.

“Too loud! Turn it down!”, I yelled, but she couldn’t hear me. So I got out of bed and banged on the wall, “I get up in an hour! What the hell?!”

Sleep Tables are Turned

Writing dreams down always make them make at least a little more sense, and I’m beginning to realize I was SO CLOSE to success and yet so far, because the last dream then became the following…

I was “up” now, walking around a strange house with an alternate world mother and father, but they’d shift into my real parents here and there. I was still tired and groggy, but I had to get cracking because I had to be at work at 6:00 a.m. (the time my wife had to be at work in the waking world), and I was already late.

“This just isn’t working,” I said as I struggled to get ready, but nobody paid any attention to me or how depressed I felt.

And then I woke up at 5:50 a.m., recorded this dream and hoped for the best within the last hour I had of sleep — but, although I’m sure I did dip in and out, I didn’t really fall back to sleep, and instead laid there for the remaining hour.

I think I was onto something with my experiment, and I’ll try and get to bed at a good hour tonight and do the same but maybe with a heavier dosage of melatonin, since the “rebound effect” from that stuff really keeps you awake (even though you’re groggy all day afterwards).

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