Week of Redemption (Lucid Dream #10 and Near WILD!)

So last week I was negligent and didn’t write ANY of my dreams out, and barely recorded any down. It was a stressful week and I didn’t want to bother with getting up from bed to record them into a voice recorder or lean over and type it out on my iPhone. As a result, I remembered ONE dream that I did happen to record.

But THIS week, whew…


I had plenty of dreams between 12:00 a.m. (when I fell asleep) and 3:00 a.m., but I only recalled this dream when I had made pieces of shielding and foam armor. I had left some out on the sidewalk as I finished some up on a short side street (presumably so no one saw me working on it), and when I returned I saw only a few pieces were left as the others had been stolen. I expected as much in the neighborhood I was in, and the 8-13 year old street hoodlums who were patrolling the road ran up to attack me.

I already had some shielding in hand and attached, and I quickly grabbed a large piece off the ground, spun and met the baseball bat attack of what reminded me of a 10 year old Joe Pesci, who I sent to the ground with my foam shield. Yes, this was an amusing dream to remember, but at the time it was deadly serious and survival was not guaranteed…

Who Hates Work Dreams? I Hate Work Dreams!

I woke up at 3:00 a.m., didn’t bother recorded the above dream (heck, I’m shocked I remembered that much), went to the bathroom and drank a large gulp or two of apple juice, and went back to bed.


I dreamed that one of my bosses was on the phone with a relative… of an acquaintance… of mine. I hardly know the kid, but I don’t really like him, and I was hoping he wouldn’t hand the phone over to me. In the dream, the guy on the phone was a paper supplier, and my boss usually has that kind of phone call covered.

So of course he hands me the phone, but he hadn’t mentioned handing the phone over to anyone, so I remained quiet. Listening but not making a sound, as my boss dealt with customers. Suddenly the voice on the phone, which was no longer the guy I expected, asked my name. “Is that you? Hello?”

I hung up.

Then the work crew was at “my” house (looking nothing like my apartment), for the purpose of a work meeting. The idea being, each month we’ll have a productivity meeting in the home of a work-mate, so we get a “feel” for our co-workers. God that sounds awful. Someone joked, “You NEVER know whose place THIS is,” sarcastically. The television was on before the meeting, and I was getting hungry. Dinner was being made, but I needed a snack.

I had a large, candle-lit lamp, with a lamp shade over top. You could see through the top of it, where a moat, filled with M&M’s surrounded the area the candle was. Some of the candy had melted, some of them had wax on them. I carefully picked out a handful of what I thought were decent enough M&M’s, and popped ’em in my mouth. They were melted and I thought I possibly grabbed some of the wax, so I spit them out.

Hungry still, I walked into the kitchen, where a smaller television was playing, and an OLD friend of mine was making the dinner with two other people with him. The TV was playing some documentary/interview with Channing Tatum, which tried to proclaim he was not only a good looking, ex-model, but a very emotionally deep and intelligent guy. I should’ve done a reality check right then and there, but I was more concerned about the dinner.

My friend sloppily dished it out, and it was some sort of pittas with sauce. He dropped one onto the table, and I complained.

And if you feel cheated by having read this dream, imagine how I felt having it.

But then…


I was sleeping on a large rock under a shady tree on a crisp, sunny day. Across a narrow, old and worn road, was a small shack of a home. I opened my eyes occasionally, enjoying the day, when suddenly a large, naked woman had come out of the home and was adjusting a towel on her side of the road for her to sunbathe. I shut my eyes, embarrassed and not wanting her to know I was awake, but she had to know I or other people were going to see her, so why should I have been so worried? I’d peek, opening one eye, shutting the other, and so on.

She leaned forward to adjust the towel and looked somewhat heavy set, but as I closed and opened my eyes I saw that she was just Anna Nicole Smith thick, with platinum blonde hair and an exaggerated tan. She looked like a porn star/stripper parody. I checked her out for a couple of seconds and heard a car approaching, and I thought, “Well, this’ll be the end of this show,” but the car drove right by.

But then a large vehicle flew by, and at that it became obvious she had laid her towel and was laying on top of a large skateboard. The wind gust from the passing vehicle dragged her haphazardly down the street, weaving left and right! The car just missed hitting her, and then a huge, double-decker bus flew by and wrenched to swerve left to miss her and then slowly balanced back towards the right! More cars kept coming as the naked woman whizzed down the road on the back of a skateboard!

She careened off into a ditch and cars blocked my view of her. People were now coming out of their shacks and homes in this very rundown little town. The woman stood up and was now in fact an old, male hobo! I was confused, but excepting the dream logic. I wanted to leave, because I feared if he/she wasn’t going to get run over, at the very least a pile up or fight was going to break out and I didn’t want to see it. I walked the other way down the road as a few people passed me to go see the carnage.

I stopped and thought, “Wait a minute… maybe I should do a reality check?” So I looked at my hands, and I was missing some fingers. I INSTANTLY knew it was a dream and was a little surprised at how vivid it had looked.

My first ULTRA vivid, lucid dream of this year (and my starting these dream experiments) I had grabbed and tossed an old lady into the sky with super strength. The second most vivid dream I had, I held back from tossing people around (I specifically thought, “Don’t make that your ‘thing’ when you become lucid”), but that dream disappointed me (even though I technically “achieved” more in it then the one before).

So my first reaction was to grab the closest person to me, with the intention of tossing them into the sky. I pulled the person next to me over and almost threw them into the horizon, when I saw it was a young girl. I had to deliberate, “You’re gonna end up blogging about this, maybe you don’t wanna be tossing old ladies and little girls around…”, so I hesitated and let her go. This pause caused my dream to waver a bit, so I rubbed my hands together and scrapped my hands across the worn out road as I began lifting off the ground.

I looked down and saw the people had all disappeared, as well as their traffic in the small road. Instead, I saw rows and rows of ramshackle homes. I considered my dream goal to become lucid within a city setting, but this was FAR from it. As I flew higher and higher, I saw the town was nestled in a small valley of hills. As I exited the valley through the mountain pass, I saw to the left a large tree with cars in it’s branches. The site kind of upset me, because I felt a lucid dream should be completely under my conscious control, and this was still clearly dream logic.

My Dream Goal, Destroy a City Superman-style... this town was already a mess

I began thinking and hoping the more I exited the valley and left the foothills of the mountains behind me, the more I might see a city. I saw more orderly rows of debris, trees and cars — but no city. I began clapping (I’m uncertain, but I think I had hoped this might keep the dream strong or might make what I wanted to see appear), and yelling, “City. City! CITY! Come ON!”

But just more hills and I began to feel my hold on the dream slipping. This is a limitation I’ll have to figure out, how to hold on to these longer. Looking at my past 10 lucid dreams, I’d say the average length of time it FEELS like I’m dreaming while consciously aware would be about 10 seconds. I’ve also averaged about 1 lucid dream a week since I began.

At 10 seconds, once a week, I can’t hope to accomplish much. I shall have to research.



The above dream occurred at around 4:50 a.m., and after voice recording for 20 minutes! (I was shocked this evening when I listened back and saw the length), I went back to bed. My wife was having trouble falling asleep, so we were both awake, but I began to drift pretty quickly.

I purposefully allowed my mind to wander on an imaginary train of thought. I can’t remember the details. A guy was going somewhere to do something (I know, vague to say the least). I followed his progress and realized the mind was going towards strange places, and soon I was dreaming about this scenario. I was soon awaken by my wife who turned over in bed. I realized that I had begun dreaming about what I was imagining just a few minutes before that.

Now had I had some kind of reminder, an anchor as they call them, to keep me aware that I am now imagining… I am now imagining… I’m almost dreaming… am I dreaming?… I could have taken over the dream right from the point I realized it was no longer me in bed imagining a scenario, but actually me WITHIN a dream (yes, laying in bed).

Some people use ticking clocks, soft music, even pain to keep the thought in the back of their minds (“I’m dreaming.”), but I haven’t fell upon my “anchor” yet.

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