Pets, Mentoring and Dastardly Brothers

So last night was another case of too little sleep for memorable dreams and/or dream recording (I woke up only once, and couldn’t remember my name let alone what I dreamt), but Sunday night afforded me a little more sleep and a strange, non-sequitur dream with a bit of music to boot.

HOTEL LIFE w/ The Dastardly Brothers

I dreamed that I was living in a hotel, not sure if my wife kicked me out of the house or if it was a business trip, or what. I do remember thinking I’d lost my phone and missed my wife.

The hotel was run by some strange people, two of which were brothers. I recall very little specifics, and being it that it’s two days later, this is tricky. But I remember walking out to my car, looking around, and turning back in. There was an incident at the hotel involving an attempt to fire off a missile. The investigators were convinced it was the two brothers. The brothers thought they had killed a woman in a nearby building, as the rocket flew into her window.

An eerie “instant reply”, however, showed that what they thought was a living girl was in fact only a projection of the already dead Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks”, looking out her window just before the missile flew through it. This memory looks rather creepy in my head, but at the time it was just interesting detective work.

Mentor and Pet Lover

I dreamed I was nestled on the floor, napping, and a domesticated cheetah had curled up beside me. It felt nice to cuddle with the big cat, but I was NOT at ease. Certainly this thing would grab at any sudden moves or dream it’s chasing an animal and suddenly bite my throat. So I sloooooooowly got up, and the family I was staying with were amused.

The cheetah was now a bit more like a greyhound dog, and it was very excited to play. It kept jumping, licking me, and running circles. I wanted to play with it, but I was afraid to get it all wound up.

The young son of the family was going through MY music collection on HIS iTunes by connecting to my broadcasting iTunes account next store where I guess I lived. He was learning guitar, and I had brought mine over to show him some chords and songs. I told him he could access my music whenever he wanted, and immediately regretted saying that since I like all kinds of music. From John Coltrane to The Ramones, from The Banana Splits to Sepultura, and I didn’t want him getting into the scary music and freaking out his folks.

I  was leaving and met another friend of the family, a young black man who was very quiet as I introduced myself. Friendly, but I felt like he somehow sensed my “badness” (not sure what that means, other than the aforementioned music).


I think my mind felt like the hotel from my previous dream WAS next store. I was in a large room there, at the top of very large miniature of a mountain. The top was starting to crumble, but at it’s base it was a hard plastic that seemed sound. It also transformed from a snow topped mountain, to a luminous fake lava foundation at the bottom. There were caverns and… possibly a McDonalds… within the bottom of the one and a half story mountain.

Outside it, the Dastardly Brothers were questioning one another concerning a girl they both fancied. One thought the other had won her affections, and was about to launch a counter-attack on the other brother, but it became apparent that the other had only WANTED to impress the girl. The latter relaxed, but then the former asked WHY he was so interested? Had HE attempted to impress the girl? The latter said that he had, and the former was preparing all sorts of injurious retaliation, but his brother then admitted that he was unsuccessful.

This went on for a bit, and they both realized they weren’t getting this girl. So one started singing a funny little song about how it was too bad they HADN’T both fallen in love with the same girl, because the destruction and mayhem they would’ve begun to inflict upon each other would’ve been GLORIOUS! And here’s the music for the song that I’m pretty sure at one point rhymed “trouble” with “double”… being brothers and all.

The End.

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