Little Death, Very Lost

My wife closed at work ALL week. This basically means that when I should already be in bed, she’s just getting home. Thus I stay up, and don’t get to sleep until 12-1 a.m., and get up at 6:50 a.m.

For me personally, this causes half remembered dreams upon awakening and NO strength to get up to record them (even my FILL YOUR BLADDER technique has failed)… and they’re forgotten in the morning.

Last night I got a whooping 7 hours, and was able to get SOMETHING out of my dreams! And one of them was my least favorite kind of dream. But first…


I dreamed that, in an older Tim Burton film, a miniature and deformed man was given the role of a lifetime. It was a silly and melodramatic scene, but he was to play a cop who is shot to death, repeatedly. Over and OVER and OVER! But there really was no blatantly obvious gore or gunshot wound. The beyond dwarf spun and screamed, hit the wall, and continued this silliness.

I thought it was really nice of Tim Burton to give such an obviously limited actor such a grand death scene in one of his movies. Others watching thought it was a bit much, but I understood that Burton was purposefully going for over the top. The man was only about 10 inches tall. It was slightly disturbing.

His voice was overdubbed by actor Luis Guzmán.

He spun, groaned, and cried out in pain. over and over!



I dreamed that my wife and I, along with some older friends, were shopping in a large mall. My wife told me that there was a really nice comic book store on the other end, so I spared the group the pleasure of watching me oogle comics for hours, and said I’d meet back up with them later.

I got lost trying to find the store, and wandered about the mall. My wife and friends had a predestination we were to meet up at, so I gave up on the store and went out to my car in the parking lot. I knew we’d all meet up elsewhere, so I drove off. I took the wrong exit on an interstate, and my car stalled. I pulled a bicycle out of the trunk and rode it to a nearby hotel. Instead of asking to use their phone or the nearest mechanic shop, I asked where the next closest on-ramp back to the interstate was (I think I planned on riding my bike).

The lady at the counter initially responded incorrectly to which another lady corrected her, “She’s thinking of the Applebees, everyone’s always asking that one. The next exit is THAT way,” pointing to her back right. I repeated, “That way?” pointing behind her, and she said yes.

I walked my bike through the outside hallways, down some stairs into a pool area. I walked to the opposite end of the pool area, and couldn’t find a hallway that reconnected to the other side of the building. I felt trapped in, and was INCREDIBLY frustrated and wanted OUT!

I cannot STAND “lost” dreams.


My wife and I were in a building where we could choose ANY apartment we wanted to sleep or stay in, despite other people living in them. We chose one where an older man was painting onto a canvas whose image was being projected onto it from a “lightbox”. We “confiscated” his living room, and laid down on a bed to sleep. He and his elderly wife were not even allowed to acknowledge us, we were somehow “above” them.

But it was obvious that our presence had upset them, especially the wife. They started bickering and arguing, either because they were earnestly upset now, or because they wanted to annoy us enough to drive us out of their apartment. My wife and I were getting bothered, and I suggested we choose a different room. We stood up, but their arguing followed us into their kitchen. At this point, I recognize the setting as my dead grandmother’s house, but didn’t make the connection in the dream.

Suddenly a large grasshopper scared the wife, jumping through the kitchen. The husband swatted the overgrown cricket onto the ground and stomped on it. It didn’t kill or even crush it, but merely stunned it. He grabbed it by the leg and spun around to take it outside but he was NOW terrified of it and it flew through the air and back towards the ground. When it hit the ground it burst into slimy pieces. It annoyed me he was able to step on it and grab it, but got so scared of it after picking it up, he killed it.

Moral of the dream is, let old people keep their apartments, sleep in your own home.

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