Don’t Drink & Dream…

Or do, it’s up to you. I know I shouldn’t drink and then go to sleep, because I wake up with horrible headaches (even if I just have one beer). I had two drinks, attempted a WILD (fell instantly asleep), and woke up two hours later with a bad headache and nausea. However, in an hour or two when I went back to sleep, I ended up with vertigo in and out of my dreams. This caused some strange things to occur…

For one, I had a TON of dreams. I had a lucid dream. I almost instantly LOST this lucid dream. I had a disturbing, almost homoerotic nightmare. And more! Let’s get started, shall we…?

A Funeral and Grandmom’s Organ (::WARNING RATED-R::)

Shortest dream I recall was also the first remembered when I woke up early this morning. I’ve been pretty up front about my dreams thus far, and I’ve been rather surprised they’ve been mostly clean (last week’s lucidity did involve an extremely naked and buxom woman, but nothing too naughty thus far). Well blame it on the al-a-a-alcohol!

I dreamed I was at a sort of “estate sale”/funeral for my grandmother, and there was an old furniture organ there in the living room. I was playing with it, changing settings, when I noticed small photos set into some of the round buttons, of my grandmother when she was younger *about* to perform fellatio on someone unseen. I was stunned quite literally out of the dream.


A large group of friends were on a gigantic jumbo airliner which had been making stops in various places while on a trek about the world. So many friends were “together” we were basically separate and would just occasionally meet up now and then in smaller groups. A close friend of mine was there, and he had recently broken his wrist, and several other friends sat with us for a dinner party in the huge dining room area in one of the floors of the airplane. We joked about forgetting a young friend at our last fuel stop.

A table of video game creators were asking me if I would ask my friends if they’d be interested in testing more games out, as we had apparently already done some beta work for them on the plane. My friend were bored with the idea, so they said no. Instead of going back to the programmers, I had to use the restroom (probably influenced by the fact that, despite a lot of liquid in me that night, I slept pretty hard and wasn’t waking up to use the restroom).

I walked to a bathroom in a dark corner of the plane, and inside was a horrible sight. The floors were concrete painted green, and what I thought were stalls would end up being some sort of showers or saunas and naked men were just walking around. I was embarrassed, but also annoyed. I walked up to the strange urinals and tried to make heads or tails of one and as I was about to use it, I looked over at the guy next to me who had spotted… not sure how else to put this… a “glory hole” (only that, don’t Google it, haha).

I was like, “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” and the guy was all excited. He squatted down to peak through it and I was fed up. “That’s it,” and I got the HELL out of that bathroom.

Cosplay, the Vanilla Brigade

I either transitioned from there to a lounge area with my wife, or the dream completely shifted. Probably the latter, since we later walked to a house from the lounge and were no longer on a plane.

There were people dressed nicely, and we were all seated on sofas and sipping fruity drinks. One dorky looking kid had prop katanas and was dressed in a vanilla ice-cream suit with black tassels and spats. If not for how nerdy the kid was, it probably would’ve looked cool. A few other people had similar, mostly white, suits, outfits and costumes, some looking better than others.

I looked to my wife and said, “Well… ::sigh:: should I go get mine and get a picture taken with them, or is that too geeky?” She didn’t mind, so we left to run back to our place real quick to retrieve my vanilla ice-cream costume.

I had recently ripped the screen in a side window, but the window was also left opened. I was afraid someone had robbed us, but I could see expensive items were still hanging from walls and on shelves. I was annoyed I had left windows open like that with all our stuff on display, so I told my wife to lock up while I changed into my uniform.

While looking around, I found a Furby/Teddy Ruxpin type stuffed animal that spoke. I was curious as I got ready if it learned NEW phrases or if it merely said it’s pre-programmed phrases. It began giving this profanity laden speech from some esoteric comedian that was apparently on the television and I thought, “I guess it learns new phrases.”

Toys Are People!

This might have shifted to a fuzzy dream I had about a department store which had a large toy section. The toys were alive, and one had “defected” from it’s original area, to a completely different section of the store, in hopes to get away from the overly talkative toy it was placed next to on the shelf.

SADDEST REALITY CHECK, EVAR! (Lucidity #11 Fumbled)

I was plopped right into a dream, where I was on my work computer. This in itself wasn’t too strange, but I knew I was also outside. It was a lovely day, you could hear the birds chirping, the cards driving by. This didn’t alert me to the fact that I was dreaming.

I looked at the clock, and it was 4:55 p.m., and I only had 5 minutes ’til quitting time! It felt like my day had just begun (which, technically it had), so I couldn’t believe it. I had to do a Reality Check, and sure enough, my hands were jumbled and puffy.

I turned in anger at the building I worked in, and INSTANTLY knew what I wanted to do. I’ve always thought, if I become lucid while in the work environment, it’s going get all “Wanted” up in that place. Saying and doing all the things I’d want to do.

But the excitement and vertigo of being hangover in the waking world, was causing things to fade and swirl. I tried my best to calm down, closing my eyes. I couldn’t get a bead on creating the building as a “dream”, so instead I just “imagined” the building again.

What’s the difference? I do not know. Somehow, even in a lucid/conscious dream, I feel a difference between the DREAM and what I’m thinking/imagining while dreaming.

So I imagined the building had an AC unit on the side of the wall, and I jumped onto it and tore it off and crawled through the hole I had created in the wall. I could still hear the cars and birds in the background, as if I was imagining this outside my workplace. Suddenly, I was DREAMING again (not just “imagining”), but I had FORGOTTEN I was only dreaming!

So I grabbed a co-worker by the throat and dragged her out into the main office. My manager was trying to talk me down and my immediate boss had just walked out of the bathroom and was too terrified to say a word. I just held my co-worker in a corner, and pondered my situation. It felt like there was an original reason I was doing what I was doing, and I felt “evil”, but I didn’t know where to go from there.

And then my dream shifted AGAIN, but I don’t remember what to. I almost forgot when I woke up that I had a lucid dream.

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