I W.I.L.D.’ed! (2 Lucid Dreams in 1 Night!)

Today, due to the sheer amount of dreams I had last night, and the strong desire to make sure I blog them, I am resorting to using Dragon Dictation and BlogPress on my iPhone while driving to work, sitting at my desk, and bathroom breaks. I am sure my coworkers will think I am insane, as I give details quietly to myself into my headphones about last night’s dreams.

The Regulars (2:50 a.m.)

Yesterday, I attempted to blog my bland work dream, and a couple short dreams, but BlogPress lost it. No big loss.

But last night’s bland dream should probably be posted if only to juxtapose the ones that followed.

I saw an old mentor in my rearview mirror (deep!) and I could tell he saw me, but he just kept walking, so I shouted out to him, “You think you can just walk on by without saying hi?” He tried to cover up as if he didn’t know if it was me or not.

Then he became a separate old mentor (these guys are only in their 40’s, by “old”, I mean they are no longer my mentors), and he told me a newer friend was under scrutiny for his character, and that he (the mentor) was having to go “undercover” as a Trekkie to see if the rumors were true. Strange, as this guy isn’t a Trekkie, but whatever…

I replied, “Can that really getcha into trouble?”, to which he replied, “You don’t know WHAT goes on at those conventions!”

The End


I had noticed that most of my dreams were rather clean and free of sex and violence since I’ve started actively attempting to lucid dream since January. And then I had a couple stressful weeks recently and it seems like they’ve gotten worse. It’s a shame my first WILD, and yes that means I was lucid/conscious, is a bit tainted with what occurred in it.

However I’m still very excited that I have a wake initiated lucid dream.

Here’s how -I- achieved it…

I woke up at 2:50 AM recorded some basic dreams, and went back to bed. At 4 AM my alarm went off for me to attempt the wild. I was dead tired. I took my supplements and vitamins (B-Complex 100, Galantamine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine w/ Lipoic Acid) and laid down in my “sleep chamber”. I used Naturespace’s app and their sound effect “Back Home”, a rain sound, to achieve a calming but constant noise in my ears on my iPhone. I had noticed that I was never really able to achieve a DEEP sleep while this sound effect played, even though it’s very relaxing, so I remembered the technique of using anchors.

Unfortunately, I then got instant, horrible heartburn and acid reflux from the B-Vitamin Complex I took, and for a few minutes continued to swallow and cough. Finally comfortable, I fell right to sleep! D’oh! FAIL!

I woke up, shook and moved (d’oh, double fail!), and then tried to get comfortable again and have another go at it…

I concentrated on the sound of the rain and tried to do a little math in my head, as I felt myself drifting quickly. I started counting imaginary steps, but I soon drifted a bit below the sleep line and back up due to the rain sounds. Then I felt my ENTIRE BODY vibrate! SLEEP PARALYSIS! Eureka! Interestingly, I was too damn tired to get overly excited, but I did try and wiggle a toe (part of my usual WILD attempt ritual, wiggle left big toe, right middle finger, left middle finger, and right big toe), but it was completely paralized. I felt the full body vibrations again, but now felt like I was moving upwards and forwards a bit. I was beginning to dream while still cognizant! I saw black shapes in the darkness of my closed eyes, and wondered when it would be safe to “move” within the dream, without waking up by moving in the “real world”.

I began imagining big, exaggerated, bouncing steps. I started to “feel” those steps and saw that I was in the room attached to the walk-in closet I was sleeping in. I opened the door thinking, “I did it! I WILD’ed!”

I walked towards my front door in the dark, opened it, and stepped outside. It was raining, of course, and I instantly attempted to fly. The rain beat down on my face and I only managed about 5 feet. Slowly, my legs started lifting up above my head and the rain began filling my nostrils! I spit out the water and worried I might’ve just spat on my sleeping self. Drifting back to the ground, I continued to fill my mouth with the water and spit it out. Floating around a corner, for whatever reason, I got an evil thought in my head. Looking through people’s windows, I saw a couple watching TV.

Now, last week I had a lucid dream where halfway through, I forgot that I was dreaming. I think there are levels of awareness within a lucid dream and I -was- dead tired last night. That said, I was at least partially aware of what I was about to do. I walked into the couple’s apartment, tossed the husband as he approached. The place looked like a small furniture store. He attempted to call the police, but I grabbed the phone and hit him hard in the head with it. He dropped to the ground. I then grabbed the woman and was about to have my way with her when I stopped…

“Wait,” I thought. “You don’t wanna do this, even if it’s just a dream. Plus, you’ll HAVE to write about this!” I let her go and turned. I saw a mirror, so I fell down in front of it, and looked at myself.

I then remembered I wanted to ask my dream reflection a strange question (a silly dream goal of mine), “What’s my name?” It looked mad, frustrated, sad, mocking — but wouldn’t smile, not even a cruel or sadistic smile.

“What’s your NAME? What’s your NAME?” it replied. It reminded me of Ash and Bad Ash from “Army of Darkness”.

Behind me was another mirror, reflecting the reflection. The first reflection said, “I don’t know, but HIS name’s Funky Monkey!” I had had enough of the rude mirror and saw my wife was standing behind me. I think I thought, “Wait a minute, that was MY wife afterall!”

I turned around and we started having sex, and I thought… yes, I’m afraid I thought, “You’re about to have a wet and WILD dream,” but then I woke up.

Okay, my first great WILD success, and it’s awkward and embarrassing, but there it is. Woot!

Lucid B-Sides

I woke up at 5:50 a.m., recorded my dream, went to the bathroom, and went back to my regular bed. I thought, “Wouldn’t that be something if I just had another lucid dream without trying?”

I fell asleep and dreamed I was back in the bathroom. I looked above my shower/tub and saw a crawl space I was never aware existed. I thought, “That’s awesome! I could store things up there, or heck, just hide.”, and then I worried, “Ah, that’d suck if I was dreaming and it doesn’t reeeally exist.” Then I took a closer look and saw the crawl space went further back and up than I had thought. I crawled up a little into it and saw that it was at least an entire attic.

I saw something move, but there’s was lots of clutter up there. I got creeped out, and then I saw a mannequin roll between two open spaces. When it was visible again, it was one of my bosses at work.

“Oooookay, I’m dreaming.” I thought, and crawled all the way up into the attic, no longer worried or caring about dream characters running around in my attic. Then it was an office building, at least 4 floors high. I looked around and saw offices, desks and break kitchens with vending machines. I then remembered my first, dream goal to destroy an entire city, General Zod/Godzilla/Kid Marvelman style. I considered flying out a window, but I didn’t want the shock to wake me, so I turned another corner and was instantly on the first floor of the parking garage, where I walked outside and looked around. It was a small town (it seems I just can’t currently muster up a bustling city), with two story buildings at the most.

I settled for this tiny town, and picked up a jeep and threw it into a bar as people drove and ran by me in awe. I turned and stared down a concrete truck that swerved to miss me. Up ahead I saw people create a firewall with logs and big sticks to prevent my advancement. I picked up a heavy, flaming branch, and began beating the town’s people who came at me, but not attacking women or people under a certain age.

I was surrounded by a fearful mob of people and one woman tearfully begged me not to hurt her. I picked her up, gave her a big kiss and said, “I’m not going to hurt you… How ELSE am I going to repopulate this planet after I’ve removed all the weeds.”

And my reign of terror ended when I woke up.

I really think just after tossing the jeep, I forgot I was dreaming, as things were pretty murky and dark, and I no longer had cognizant thoughts, like, “Two lucid dreams!”, or “Don’t beat people to death, you gotta write about this later.”

The lesson learned is, like my last lucid dream, I get lost in my angry when I start to get “out of control”, and I forget that I’m dreaming.

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