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Failed WILD breeds Lucid Dream

From 5:00AM to 7:00AM, I attempted a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, and having failed, got up and went back to bed. Down the Rabbit Hole (Rated R) A failed WILD, but an interesting, if not short, lucid dream. I dreamt … Continue reading

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Another LOST Dream

No, not the TV show. It’ll probably never become obvious to me WITHIN a dream that my “getting lost” dreams are “dream signs” and I should reality check during them. Simply because when I’m having a “lost” dream, I’m super … Continue reading

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Minor Lucidity

After 19 Lucid dreams since January 1st, I can officially say, there’s degrees of awareness within a dream. It sounds obvious, but some might be inclined to think you’re either cognizant while dreaming or you’re not. Last night, before I … Continue reading

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WILD Accomplished

Up at 5:00a.m., I attempted a WILD while listening to my rain sounds, and soon fell asleep. I began writing this at 6:50a.m., hoping I’d have lots more to talk about later…. well, you’ll see… Late Night Run I dreamed … Continue reading

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I dreamed a heavier set friend of ours was out walking and bumped into us and a group of friends. Her kid was with her, and it became apparent she thought we’d let her hop in the car with us. … Continue reading

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False Awakenings, Cosby, and More

My dreams shifted around a lot, as usual, last night. Since a few of my lucid dreams lately have NOT awoken me, I wouldn’t doubt that I’m forgetting some great ones. But last night I dreamed my wife and I … Continue reading

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Patience PSA

I dreamed that I was watching a strange amalgam of a 70’s basketball player and gymnist, attempting a dismount, flip and land. He missed his mark completely, and landed on his back. His winning competition came out onto the floor … Continue reading

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