Row, row, row your boat…

So, I haven’t blogged since last week’s first successful WILD. I just kept looking forward to last night and the chance to try again. It wasn’t as nearly as successful as last week’s, but I definitely achieved lucidity while attempting what might have been a successful WILD.

I got up at 4:45 AM and took my supplements and vitamins. I then went into my sleep chamber, put on my sleep mask, and headphones while listening to nature spaces back home rain sound effect.

Life is but a dream

Sooner than I had expected, I was asleep and I had a dream I was at work. I then had a false awakening, lying in the closet I even reached for my voice recorder to record in my dream my previous dream about work.

Words however were not forming correctly so I figured I was too sleepy to speak. So rather than risking fully waking up, I laid back and attempted to WILD while probably already dreaming.

I drifted in and out again and soon it appeared as if light was shining through the bottom of my sleep mask, causing me irritation. At this point I honestly don’t know if I was dreaming that I told my sleep mask down more on my face or if it really happens. Whatever the case soon I felt the vibrations for my body indicating I was experiencing sleep paralysis. Again, I’m not sure if I dreamt this or if it was really happening.

Suddenly, the rain sounds in my headphones had turned to wafting waves of ukarn ocean. The bed I sleep on in my closet is actually a raft with a large comforter over Tabitha, so I find it ironic that I was drifting in a dark dark sea.

Matt I knew I was dreaming. I sat up in my closet and the lights were on and there was a television playing a cartoon. On a shelf a little bit above my head was an olde tymey doll/statuette of an old lady. I expected it to start talking or moving but it didn’t.

“You think you’re gonna scare me, huh?”, I got in it’s face. It didn’t move, so I gave it a quick kiss, and walked out into the room attached to the closet.

I quickly circled the room, trying to think of what dream goals I had come up with. Amazingly, I had remembered the very last thing I thought of yesterday as a dream goal. I had wanted to once again attempt to create doors that led to other places rather than walking through my office door into my hallway again, I was hoping to create another destination. However by the time this all formulated in my mind and I turned towards the door, I woke up.

A bit of a let down, however I shall try again tonight.

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