With Success Like This…

I think my dreams are now mocking my WILD experience.

My wife and I were tired and ready for bed earlier than we ever get to bed on the weekdays last night, so I drank a glass of apple juice expecting it to wake me up with a dream or two BEFORE I attempt another WILD. “Plenty of sleep, just what I’ve been needing!”, I thought.

Fell asleep quickly, woke up once or twice with a mild memory of dreams, but since I wasn’t aching in pain with the need to empty my bladder, I went back to sleep rather than actively remembering my dreams and recording them. “It’s okay, you’re saving up for that WILD.”, I thought.

My alarm went off at 4:00 a.m., which, from 11:00 p.m. was a good 5 hours, and I went to the bathroom, took my supplements, had a little chocolate to stimulate the brain just a little (I did that last week during the successful WILD too), and went to the closet.

My new dream goal is to be on a boat, preferably an old 1500’s kind of vessel, approaching an island to dock at and explore. Detailed, I know, but I’d be content with just being on a boat at first.

So I laid there, feeling pretty awake for quite a long, irritating amount of time. I’d go through long periods of stillness and attempted to focus on nothing but random, dream thoughts — but nothing. Soon, I had to get up and use the bathroom again.

Back to the sleep chamber.

When you’re on the verge, or attempting to be on the verge of sleep for 2 hours straight, what you A: Think about, B: Deeply imagine, C: Have a half awake/asleep dream about, or a full-fledge dream about, all becomes entangled. Especially when your dreams can be false awakenings or take place exactly where you were conscious last.

So I -think- I fell asleep and dreamed that an older aquaintence was calling EVERYBODY on his phone contacts and leaving the same voicemail.

“Eh, would the person who keeps calling my phone, blocked, stop please? Ya don’t needa described the contents of my fridge, come on! Leave da fridge alone.”

… Who Needs Failures?

This amused me, as I lay in my closet. I tried to let my mind wander, and suddenly I was “imagining” a large cat on my left shoulder.

Even pretending to see a cat on my shoulder would not have been possible, however, since I was wearing big, bulky headphones and a sleep mask. But in the dream/imagining, my hand was covering my face as not to get scratched, and I turned my head towards the none-existent cat.

Suddenly I heard a gong and felt my entire body start to vibrate. I heard a sitar ringing out as lights passed over my eyes. The sensation tapered off and I was disappointed, feeling as though I was still awake.

I looked back again to the invisible cat, and it happened again, so I imagined looking towards my upper right as well, and it continued, ::bang!, bang!::

I tried listening to the rain sounds and definitely merely imagined the voices of seafaring men shouting orders and responses. I tried picturing myself hidden under a doorway to the captain’s quarters.

But when the lights and vibrations passed, I was frantically walking around my office room attached to the closet (as seems very common when I attempt a WILD in there).

“No, come one! A boat, a BOAT!” I circled the room and thought, “Okay, walk out the door!”, but the door led to my hallway and I ran passed my bedroom, seeing an empty and made bed. “Why does everybody disappear when I have these dreams?”, I wondered.

I considered going back into my office to see if I’d see “my body” asleep in the closet, but I don’t believe in literal “out of body experiences”, and I knew even if I saw me there, it’d just be a projection of my mind. So I opened the front door, and another door was behind it.

“Okay, don’t start this.” I opened it again and walked outside. Where there’s usually a small pond and pool area and more apartments, there was a lot of grass and dirt, a fence in the distance, separating the land from a beach.

Beyond the beach was the stormy ocean I was picturing in my head. “No! I’m supposed to be OUT THERE!” So I ran into the grass, trying to find where the entrance to the other side of the fence was.

I started losing control of the dream, so I scooped up some dirt and let it fall through my hands. Textures. I got up again and started walking around small sheds and trees but couldn’t find my way to the beach. Soon, I woke up.


[EDIT: A frequent WILD’er and Lucid Dreamer said the above description sounds like either a WILD or a dream OF a WILD, and says I should count it as one. Haha!]

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