Bad Blogger, BAD!

Sorry, but getting up in the middle of the night instead of sleeping straight through the night has been hard this week!

But two dreams stood out…

Dead Aunt, Dead Aunt…

Okay, this was actually a disturbing dream. I dreamed my aunt was pushing my dead uncle in a wheelchair into a convention center we were all attending. She was up on stage giving experiences to the crowd about her difficulties dealing with him and his death, and suddenly she died right on stage, falling face first. The wheelchair got away from her, and my dead uncle’s body rolled right off the stage.

It does sound morbidly funny now, but at the time, I was REALLY sadden and horrified.

That’s My Wallet!

I dreamed I was late for something, and was still getting dressed as I jumped on top of a school bus to hitch a ride down the road. My wallet fell off the roof, and I reached into the bus window to pull the stop cord, like in a train. The bus was slowing down anyway, so I hopped off. I had to run the length of the entire street BACK, to where I saw a small crowd gathering around my wallet. One person picked it up and handed it over to another person, and they left with a few people.

I yelled out, “HEy! HEY!! That’s mine!!”, but they didn’t hear me. I followed them all the way into a building, and up the stairs to a business office. People in nice business attire were about to conduct a meeting, and I barged in. My wife and some friends were suddenly with me too now, as I argued to get my wallet back. My wife upset the man in charge, and he asked her, “And WHAT exactly do YOU do for a living?”

I got mad and said, “She manages PEOPLE, punk-@$$!” I was given my wallet back, and the dream ended.


I hope to attempt to WILD tonight and tomorrow! It’s been real hard getting up at 4:00 a.m., and switching beds to focus on a WILD, and I’ve tried virtually every night this week, and just went back to my regular bed. Here’s hoping!

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