Why’d It Have to be Snakes

Saturday, my wife and I had a close encounter with a snake in the morning, the next night…

Sunday night…

Rats, Cats and Snakes

I dreamed a famished, harmless but big garden snake had finally revealed itself after living in our apartment for days, so I opened my front door and the snake, defeated looking, slithered happily out.

But then I saw another snake, multicolored, larger and not so harmless looking coming out of the dining room. I kept the door open, hoping it’d follow suit, but then I noticed it had eaten something somewhat large.

At first, I figured it caught a rat, but then an old family cat appeared in my dream apartment, and she decided to run out the front door just after the snake was making it’s way out. I suddenly remembered I had a kitten too and THIS was possibly what the snake ate.

I tried to get the cat back in while the now irritated snake was reconsidering leaving. It turned, looked at me, and then dreamed shifted.

What the What?

I guess this, a world-wide accessible blog, is where I’ll “hide” this embarrassing but short dream. Later Sunday night…

I dreamed a girl was with my wife and I, and at one point my wife turned around and the girl turned towards me and started kissing me. Awkward!


Last night, I had a rather violent dream that was more akin to watching a “Goodfellas” meets “Reservoir Dogs” type film fall apart as the main boss man loses his mind and trust and starts blowing everyone away.

Work in 5-10 Mins!

I woke up at 7:35 a.m.-ish went back to bed and had a somewhat long feeling dream involving work and upon waking up, it was only a few minutes later. Bizarre.

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