The night to night stuff’s been hard to record, but I had a lucid dream two nights in a row Thursday and Friday night…

Carry Stress in the Jaw

I dreamt that I was in a kitchen, losing my teeth. They were falling right out of my head in pieces, and I thought well that’s the end of that, I’d need dentures.

My step-father and my mother were in the kitchen with me, and I saw the I still had enough left over in the front of my mouth for a crooked smile, and suddenly it hit me.

“Wait! This is my reoccuring nightmare!”, I exclaimed. My step-father turned to me and replied, “No way!” and I threw a tooth at him.

I walked outside into a cobble-stone alley. I began floating into the air, but landed in front of a tinted door. The outside was a bit misty from the crisp morning dew, so my reflection was looking back.

For the heck of it, since I didn’t get an answer from my last dream-mirror, I asked, “What’s my dream name?” but it didn’t respond.

I realized that through the glass door, I could see a man in a waiting room looking at me. I felt stupid, and went about my business… thereby FORGETTING I was just dreaming!

Surf Guitar! (Rated-R!)

The next night, I dreamt I was playing guitar in front two girls. I was trying to do a technique called tapping, and the neck of the guitar was super short. The “deformed” nature of the guitar made me realize something was wrong, so I checked my hands for a reality check. Sure enough, strange fingers.

So I turned towards the door to leave but started waking up or shifting into another dream. I calmed down and relaxed. I just went limp and relaxed.

I watched the backs of my eyelids, and started seeing lights, but made sure I didn’t open my eyes until I KNEW i was asleep and dreaming. More lights, the sky, water — finally I looked around and saw myself and others floating in an ocean.

The waves pulled this way and that, but I managed to bodysurf into the beach.

Once on the beach I saw I was surrounded by bikin-clad women. Nothing of the waking world was on my mind! All I knew was, I was feeling a bit… anxious, if ya know what I mean.

I started feeling up the nearest woman, and dropping trough. In my excitement, I woke up.

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