False Awakenings, Cosby, and More

My dreams shifted around a lot, as usual, last night. Since a few of my lucid dreams lately have NOT awoken me, I wouldn’t doubt that I’m forgetting some great ones.

But last night I dreamed my wife and I were in a Best Buy-type store, and a song came on that mixed an autotuned voice with Postal Service’s Such Great Heights and Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T.

Then I dreamed Bill Cosby was about to give a comical, social commentary speech, and Neil Gaiman gave him a mostly positive “blurb”, promoting it. Then Bill busted into some beat-boxing.

Then later, I dreamed my wife and I got into an argument. Then I really woke up just 30 minutes before she had to get up for work, and I had to take a leak. I didn’t get up, however, as to not upset her, and quickly fell back to sleep.

I had a false awakening that I woke up the day after our dream fight, and it was the exact same time in the morning. I knew she’d be mad, but I didn’t care, we HAD to iron out our differences before we went off to work.

Then it occured to me, “What if this is just a dream?”, and I jokingly recited the line from Inception, “You’re waiting for a train…”

And then I woke up again for real.

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