I dreamed a heavier set friend of ours was out walking and bumped into us and a group of friends. Her kid was with her, and it became apparent she thought we’d let her hop in the car with us. There was already 5-6 of us and she was sweaty and her chest was literally hanging out due to how exhausted and hot she was.

I said, “As long as I’m not sitting next to you,” and she took offense like she was confused as to why. I said, “We’re already full back here and you stink. Come on, you were just working out!”

She began crying, and I got pissed.


I got up, tired as can be, at 4:40a.m., and attempted to WILD. i don’t remember drifting, but I do remember finally the vibrations and lights, “Here we go!”, I thought.

I even imagined looking to the left at my imaginary cat (reoccurring dream during a WILD attempt), but the rush of light and vibrations eased up. They came back a little, but then I was having trouble with my throat. Swallowing, in order to stop a plugged sensation during breathing, I effectively killed that WILD after I then coughed.

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