WILD Accomplished

Up at 5:00a.m., I attempted a WILD while listening to my rain sounds, and soon fell asleep. I began writing this at 6:50a.m., hoping I’d have lots more to talk about later…. well, you’ll see…

Late Night Run

I dreamed I was outside in my snuggie (which, yes, I wear when I’m trying to WILD), and my mother drove up with a work related person in her car. They asked me why my boss locked all her doors. I said it was pretty customary, since it’s now late.

So we drove to my boss’s place, and my mother got a advertisement, phonecall, with music blaring and a pre-recorded voice. Despite this, she was still attempting to speak to the phone, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

I hung up the phone on her, “It was obviously a recording!”, I told her, and we arrived at my boss’s place. We all piled out and met up with her and a tall, blonde, visiting friend of her’s that somehow knew me. We exchanged hugs as I kept trying to get my sleep mask off my face and the business associate I brought along began talking to the boss.


I woke up in my “sleep chamber”, and began feeling the floating and shifting, along with the vibrations of sleep paralysis. I tried imagining a bang noise, but one never came. The bed/raft dipped and rose, but soon I was “just” laying in a bed in a dark room.

A strange stuffed animal I couldn’t quite make out was sitting on a bedpost, so I sat up, grabbed it and tossed it. I succeeded afterall! I tried getting out of bed, but the blankets were entangled with my boxers somehow, so I patiently removed them and got out of the bed.

Standing up, the room grew slightly brighter, and I could tell I was in a large hotel room. There was a piece of strawberry candy on the floor and in an exaggerated bit of silliness, I lept into the air and dove for it.

I then wondered what I should attempt to do, and instantly thought about the tall blonde friend from the last dream. “No, no, no — you’ve decided simplier is better, and you wanted to create some music.”

So I walked to the door, looked out into the hallway, and walked into another room, all the while trying to imagine a room full of musical instruments. It was a bit awkward walking around naked, especially with no intentions of dream sex, but I wasn’t going to fret creating clothes. The room I entered was perfect for jamming and rocking out in, but there was no gear. I tried slowly turning to “create” equipment, but I started waking up.

I remembered right away my bigger goal of playing it cool ane calm when I start losing a dream. I did, and the lights swirled and I floated, but soon I was in my closet, really waking up, and having a bit of breathing trouble. It seems impossible to keep my mouth shut and breathe through my nose when I get relaxed, which in turn is requiring me to either swallow a lot or my throat to dry up. It had gotten extremely dry by this point in the night, and would NOT let me continue sleeping.

Lately these WILD attempts and dream recordings have seemed like they’re more trouble than they’re worth. They’re way too short, and once I figure out my way past one problem, a new one beats me. Averaging once a week for what on average feels like 15-30 seconds of lucidity is just not enough of an incentive for forcing myself out of bed at ungodly hours, not to mention my “fill the bladder” Wake, Back to Bed technique hasn’t been working lately, and I just wake up once typically with an aching back and bladder!

We’ll see, we’ll see.

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