Another LOST Dream

No, not the TV show. It’ll probably never become obvious to me WITHIN a dream that my “getting lost” dreams are “dream signs” and I should reality check during them. Simply because when I’m having a “lost” dream, I’m super concentrated/focused on GETTING somewhere!

Bicyle the Bi-Way

Always the same thing. I’m riding my car, by myself. My wife is somewhere waiting for me, and I’m in a hurry. I spin out dodging a bulldozer in a construction area, and park in a shopping center. I got embarrassed, so I got out of the car and began to bicycle across the loooong bridge to the next town.

A construction worker complains about how hot it’s been and that he’s working in the sun so much he thinks people are gonna start getting prejudice on him ’cause he’s turning black.

A few people decides it’s simply too hot and long a trek, so I leave my bicycle in another parking lot, and we all pile into a bus to cross the bridge. An old lady in front of me had frizzy hair and it kept entangling on my jacket. At first I apologized and felt bad, but it got annoying so I told her, “Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do.” and shrugged.

I called my wife to let her know where to pick up the car and bike.

Such “waste of time” dreams.

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